Friday, December 22, 2006

Stars and Moons

Moment of the day:

Jaycob was sitting on the floor doing something, concentrating very hard. Abygail sat down a little in front of him and tried mimic-ing what he was doing. Jaycob all of a sudden looked up and said, "Sissy"... Looked at me and said, "Mama"... Looked at Abygail and back at me and said, "Mama, Sissy stars and moons nigh-night!!"

Took me a second, but his dense Mama did figure it out! He was telling me he noticed there were stars and moons on Abygail's jammies!! It was just such a profound realization and vocalization of such that surprised me!!

So there's your moment of the day!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

About Your Comments

I'm sorry one and all!

In being a new blogger, I didn't understand the way the comments section of this particular site. Tonight when I switched to the new updated version I came upon a screen where all of your comments were awaiting approval!

I just wanted to let you all know that I was not ignoring or deleting all of your comments. I guess I just didn't understand it!! They are now all published!

Thank-you for being so patient with me!!

Pictures of the Day

Pictures of the day are as follows:

Abygail in mid-fall... If you notice neither of
her feet are touching the floor! She was fine.

And Jaycob's chosen sleeping location tonight!!

She talks... She actually talks

We've come to realize that Abygail actually talks!! Among all her other 13 month old chatter it's hard to discern, but the words are there if you listen hard enough!!

Words you can actually understand in proper context:

Pat-pat (Little Einsteins)
uh- oh

Sounds and utterances:

Shhhh (meaning Backyardigans or someone sleeping)
Grrrrr (growls back at Oreo or at Jay when she's mad at him)
Mmmmm (something she just stuck in her mouth is good, usually not food!!)
Ohhhh (finger pointing, something interesting)
Weeeee (something is swinging or sliding)
Whooooop (means hair being pulled up, sometimes other objects going up)
And she hums with the Little Einstein music most the time too!!

All these with the signs she knows and uses frequently:

All done

Seems to us to equal a talking child!! Though you often have to really listen and pay attention to her to get her full meaning of what she's trying to tell you! And if you don't get it... She'll let you know!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Been Way to Long!

Wow! It's been way to long since I last posted!

We've had older brother and sister come visit us once since. We've went to see Grandma, Pop-Pop, aunts, uncles, and cousins since I last wrote. We've had doctor appointments and shots. We've learned new things! I'll mention something briefly about each one I guess.

~ Older brother and sister got here at night. Jaycob was in bed, but Aby was still up. Aby was very confused and at odds with who they were and what they were doing here. On the other hand, when Jaycob got up and seen older brother sleeping in his room.... He was more then happy!! I don't think happy was the word!! The kids (all of them) had some slight adjustments to handle while the older two were here. But fun was had by all. Jaycob asked about older sister the next day all day. Then things went back to "normal".

~ The visit north for turkey day was interesting to say the least! I think it's supposed to be a 6 hour drive... I think we made it in 7! Not bad at all considering we only stopped 2-3 times for diaper changes and food. The kids did really well and we made the trip with minimal crying and such. Aby slept only 15 minutes here and there. And Jaycob didn't sleep until we were about 15-20 miles from Grandma and Pop-Pop's house. Grrrrr.... Jaycob ran right in like he owned the place and Aby went right to Pop-Pop when he reached for her!
We were there for a week and Jaycob had Grandma wrapped within the first few hours. Aby was all about Pop-Pop though! We celebrated T-day the Sunday after and it was so warm that all 3 kids were outside playing a good part of the afternoon without coats on!! It was soooo nice, I couldn't believe it!! Fun was had by all!!
The trip home was quicker and just about uneventful!! Jaycob asked about Grandma several times when we got home and we're still dealing with some post Grandma habits! What are grandparents for!?!

~ Doctors appointment for both were on the 30th... Nothing spectacular to mention. Aby is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. Jaycob is in the 3rd percentile for both!! The doctor seemed greatly concerned about Jaycob until we informed him that both of us were always like that and both the older 2 siblings had been like that at one time or another! Aby got a set of shots that we had been way behind on... Yeah the doctor totally yelled at me for that one, rightly so though I guess!! And both kids got the flu shot. Jaycob handled his really well and out of the 3 shot Aby got it was only the 2nd one that upset her! I don't blame her though, that needle was thick and it was an awful lot of fluid!! Both tolerated the shots very well, no fevers or bruising or anything!

~ New things that we've learned since last posting.... Aby can now sign please, more, nurse, thank you, juice. She's well aware of what it is she wants and she lets you know! She is now falling asleep by herself in her crib for most naps. Jaycob, well his new achievemnets are all little things here and there. Just to many for me to even think of or write down what I can!!

Well, there's a little update of what's been going on with the kids... Hopefully, I'll get some pictures up of the kids at Thanksgiving soon. And hopefully I'll keep this updated now!!