Saturday, September 22, 2007

Go Back!!

Just a post to tell you that I've blogged so much that you'll have to click on the 'older post' thing!!

No I haven't finished up the whole thing with Jaycob's birthday, but I've filled in everything from the last week!!

Go take a look and don't forget to look at the older posts to see them all!!

County Fair 2007

We went to local annual county fair yesterday! Around here its like the local 'thing'. Even all the schools are dismissed for the day due to the fair!

Here's some sheep which are completely sheered. Some of them even had little coats on. Of course without their wool the kids didn't recognize that they were sheep. Though Jaycob did eventually catch on and started mimicking the sound they made! I think that was part of what confused them is that sheep do not officially say 'Baa, baa' as we've told them all along!

And here's some pretty big stinkin' cows!! Jaycob was very interested, but once we asked him to go near this cow (the one on the left) he freaked out and wouldn't have anything to do with it! Too bad to since him standing near it would have given you a good size comparison. This beast was literally as big as my van and probably weighed just as much!!
Abygail really started flipping out about halfway through the cattle building so we had to get out of there and decided not to go near them again!

Jaycob enjoyed the rabbit and bird building. He really got into looking at all the chickens, hens, and whatever else their called! In this second picture he's yelling at the huge rooster that was 'Cock-a-doodle' ing at him!! It was too funny. The first few times he didn't think anything of it and even laughed at the rooster. But then he just started getting angry at it!!

Jaycob thought it was funny that the hens were eating out of cans!

While we were there we got to see some baby chicks standing in their food, 10 week old piggies, 12 week piggies, older pigs, and ducks all race around a track. We seen a horse or two, ate some fries, got free balloons and all kinds of other stuff, and played a couple games!

The pig and duck races I would have to say were Jaycob's favorite. I really tried to get some pictures of all the excitement, but its hard to catch a picture of those fast moving little buggers!! Who would think little pigs could move soooo darn fast!?!?

The horses pretty much bored him. All he really had to say was they were "big"!

He kept telling us the balloons would go up to the clouds and didn't trust himself with his balloon so it was our job to hang onto it!

The game I think he liked was where you just pay an outrageous amount to pick up one duck and it would either have an S, M, or L on the bottom of it. Which letter you got would tell you what level of toy you got to pick. Of course both the kids got S's because well its rigged that way! They both picked out these little stuffed monkey looking things.

They were both really good the whole time. Jaycob stayed by Daddy and Abygail actually stayed in the stroller way longer then expected. And of course wouldn't you know that the whole 3.5 hours we were there we actually did hold onto both balloons, but as we were leaving and I was packing up Aby's balloon untied itself from the stroller and "went up clouds"!! We're still hearing about it!!

We definitely plan on going back next year!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yep, it was my turn to get up with Jaycob, our little early riser!! And for that I got rewarded with this beautiful sunrise when I let Oreo out... Guess the picture really doesn't do it justice, but I thought I would share it anyhow!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lovin' the Beach

Talked Daddy into going to the beach tonight after dinner. The kids loved chasing the birds again and looking for sea shells!! We had a blast!

Play Group at the Park!

Abygail justa swingin'

Jaycob sliding down a twisty slide!

I have no idea what he was yelling about here!!

Wow! Look at them actually sharing and playing nicely!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bedtime with Grandma

Most the time Grandma was here the kids wanted her to do bedtime routine with them... She wrote a very nice blog post about it! Go take a look!

Grandma is Gone...

Daddy is driving her back to the airport... We've had a busy week, but the kids will miss her!!

Thanks Grandma for all the clothing, gifts, and good times!!

She posted a really cute picture of Abygail on her blog.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Beach with Grandma!

Tonight we took Grandma to the beach that we frequent. The kids had a blast chasing birds, collecting rocks and feathers, and playing with the waves breaking on shore!

Perhaps if Grandma blogs about it she'll post pictures if she has any...
(My camera was still lost at the Jumpyard!)

She posted Pics!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Park with Grandma!

We went to a park with Grandma today. The weather has been oh so nice all week, we couldn't help but go to the park!

Of course my camera is still lost, but I know even though her camera was acting up we took quite a few pictures of all the fun!! I'll let you all know if she decides to blog about it and post the pictures!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gardens with Grandma!

We took Grandma to our favorite walking gardens. I was not feeling well and was quite crabby! Wish I would have felt better so we would have had a more enjoyable time! But Grandma and the kids both seemed to have fun!

Once again I couldn't find my camera (this time I left it at the Jumpyard). So the picture is thanks to Grandma... Maybe she'll make a post of all the pictures she took that day! UPDATE: Grandma did blog about our trip and has some very nice pictures up!

Another day when the kids and I went to the gardens we colored these bottles that they said they were going to make into some sort of artwork... Well when we went today we found Jaycob's bottle and Trent's bottle! It was really cool to see them displayed like that!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jumpyard with Grandma!

Since Grandma is in town we figured we'd share some of our favorite hang-outs with her! Today we showed her the lovely Jumpyard!

I spent a ton of time playing with the kids so there's not a lot of pictures. Sorry!
Maybe if Grandma decides to ever update her blog post about it she'll post more pictures!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grandma's in Town!

My mother flew in yesterday and so today she treated us to a bit of fun! We took the long-enough drive up to Chuck E. Cheese. Valerie, Trent, and Talen joined us!
Once again Jaycob loved the train table and Abygail actually played the games and rode the rides!

Abygail loved eating pizza with Trent(thanks Valerie) and riding the rides with Talen.

Thanks Mom for the pictures!! (I couldn't find my camera.) Grandma has posted some pictures on her blog.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday is Child Labor Day Here

Yesterday we spent the morning outside, doing outside things!! Daddy started in washing the van and the kids joined in. I mostly took pictures and washed a few outdoor toys!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Count Down 'til Jaycob's Birthday VI

~January 2007~

~February 2007~ The kids were sick for a lot of this month, no good pictures!

~March 2007~

~April 2007~

~May 2007~

~June 2007~ I blogged a TON in June so there's no good different pictures!

~July 2007~

~August 2007~

Place Holder for 2nd Birthday

Count Down 'til Jaycob's Birthday V

~July 2006~ 1)Look at that hair! 2)Long body, long limbs!

~August 2006~

~September 2006~ See separate post for his 2nd Birthday!

~October 2006~

~November 2006~

~December 2006~

Count Down 'til Jaycob's Birthday IV

Its going to be hard for me to pick which pictures to use from this point on. I got a camera of my own in February so there are a lot more pictures to choose from!

~February 2006~

~March 2006~

~April 2006~

~May 2006~