Monday, July 30, 2007

Tour of an Empty House

So a little tour of our home. This is as we were moving in so there's a few pieces of furniture here and there, but not much else!

Here, to the right, you can see the front door. And also the steps going up and downstairs.

The view soon as you walk in the front door.

1) Dining room, garage door on the left there. 2) Living room.

1) Downstairs playroom. 2) Opposite side of playroom.
No, we don't have any furniture here. Yes, all the toys are here. Daddy loaded up vanful after vanful of stuff, brought it here where I was keeping the kids out of his hair(hehehehe), and then I would unpack boxes and such as he went and got another vanful! So we had to have all the toys here to entertain them! Yeah that's it!

Sorry, no pictures of all the bedrooms or bathrooms. They all look the same from the doorways anyhow!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yep, Its That Time of Year Again...

Ok or at least that's what it feels like! I'm talking about moving! Daddy and I have moved about a zillion times since we've been together. Lets see... There was...

Pembroke Squares Apartments in Va. Bch
Mariner's Cove Apartments in Va. Bch
Saville Garden Way in Va. Bch.
Our house in Chesapeake
Here on base

And now we're in the middle of moving off base! Yeah so that's a move every year we've been together! This will be the 4th house that Jaycob has lived in and the 3rd for Abygail. I feel bad for my kids in a way. Yeah we're a military family but only one of these moves were because of being transferred by the Navy! Our needs and budget has continually changed so we've moved to accommodate our growing family and such! Like I said I feel bad, but ya know they don't remember all the other houses. Its not like we're making them switch schools every year... Right??

PS. I also have to blog all of last week, but I probably won't get to that until we move! Lots of back dating again!! {sigh}
Update: Guess there wasn't as much to blog as I thought... I'm all caught up!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothing to Amazing!

Like the title says... Nothing much happened. We went to the park. Didn't take many pictures!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Garden Walk

We went to the local gardens today to walk and explore with some friends. Ok the walking was for us mommies! While we waited for our friends we walked a bit. First we seen these flowers. Jaycob insisted on making "buzzzzing" sounds even though there were no bees any where near these flowers! And then my munchkins wanted to sit next to this "tee" with eyes and nose. Abygail was fascinated with the eyes and Jaycob the nose. Though he did tell me "no teeth"!!!

Along the trail there are metal art sculptures. These are only a few of them.

We stopped and let the kids get out of the strollers and run of their energy! Jaycob had a lot of fun playing with Dalyce!

There were also art pieces among the knotholes in the trees. Some of them were quite hard to spot and others were right there in your face. I love this clock one!

And what do you see here??

This large thing was toward the end... Its suppose to represent the intertwining of something or other.. Yeah reading about these things aren't the easiest with 7 toddlers in tow. We, as the art critics we are, thought it looked more like a hand with a butt in the palm!!

And at the very end of the trail there was a little side trail with all women sculptures. This is only two that I got pictures of! Kinda cool I thought!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Freezer Pop Naked Sky!

We gave the kids freezer pops today. Abygail was highly disappointed that hers was gone so fast. (The little pig!! lol) Jaycob however savored his as long as he could. Of course there was a lack of adult supervision when they got done so they then started playing in the bucket of sand that Older Sister had left out there. Hmmmm.... Sticky freezer pops + beach sand = Nasty mess!! I was not about to let them in the house like that so I did what every brilliant mother would do....... Fill up the pool!!! They were naked before I could even get the pool filled. I shot some really cute pictures of that time, but.... They're a little on the pornographic side for the public eye!! Both of them stark naked and all!

And more shots of the sky! I don't know why I have taken such an interest in the sky lately.... But here you go. And yes they are in order and I didn't mess with then at all! Kinda cool, huh?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its a Bird, Its a Plane....

OK, no, its just a cloud..... But I thought it looked pretty cool though so I'm sharing it with you!

Behind Curtain #1???

I built Jaycob and Abygail their very first bunk bed fort this afternoon. Lets just say I think I started something!

They ended up loving it and leaving me alone for over an hour!! Jaycob even requested that I put back up the "cave" for bedtime. I did and in doing so just hoping 1) He'll sleep in in the morning and 2) He won't wake up scared in the middle of the night screaming!

Undie Caper!

If you take note there are TWO different pair of underwear she's sporting here!

As you can see she's all too happy about it. I was doing something elsewhere in the house and here comes Abygail around the corner, looking like this!!

First Media Exposure

Yay! I'm so excited!!

Remember I barely made a mention that we went to a family fun night?? Well , we were told there was a chance that Jaycob(and Kaylee and Maddy) might make the paper. We looked in last weekends paper and didn't see them or even an article to mark the event, so we just figured that was that!

Lo and behold!!! This week I open the paper to see this....

Jaycob and Kaylee getting into the moon bounce!

They were just holding on and bouncing!!

Maddy here really didn't want anything to do with these princesses. I think out of 3 of us taking pictures this is the best one!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Evening Time

Daddy was gone taking Older Brother and Sister home tonight. So I got to do bedtime duties! I took full advantage of it and took pictures/ video. Here's a sampling of what I took...


Ok I FINALLY put in the videos from vacation back in June. And no, there is no sound. I have just a cheap camera!! Use you imagination!!

Oh and I also added a picture to this post.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

3rd Times a Charm

Ok really I couldn't think of a title for this post. Seems to be my biggest problem with blogging, coming up with titles!! Anywho....

Today was the 3rd time we've went to the spray park. Jaycob this time jumped right in. We couldn't wait to take off his shoes and go! Abygail was more willing to play in the standing water this time, so she actually got wet. But as you can see in this picture the sprays caught her off guard!! In the first picture she was just fine playing in the water and then in the second that red thing started spraying water and she took off!!

I also have a few clips here of Jaycob playing!

There's a few pictures too.. Though I imagine they're really pointless to you since I showed you the videos first!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Went to the beach again today. Abygail is warming up to it ever so slightly. She at least got into the water this time! Jaycob on the other hand... I tell him we're going to the beach and he starts stripping! He makes waves sound. He makes throwing stones motions! All this equals him being excited that we're going to the beach!

This time he also played quite a bit in the sand. He actually made his very own little sand mound, without help or prompting. Awwww Look at his little sand castle! He was so proud of his " 'ig" tower"!
Then he proceeded to kick it over!