Friday, December 22, 2006

Stars and Moons

Moment of the day:

Jaycob was sitting on the floor doing something, concentrating very hard. Abygail sat down a little in front of him and tried mimic-ing what he was doing. Jaycob all of a sudden looked up and said, "Sissy"... Looked at me and said, "Mama"... Looked at Abygail and back at me and said, "Mama, Sissy stars and moons nigh-night!!"

Took me a second, but his dense Mama did figure it out! He was telling me he noticed there were stars and moons on Abygail's jammies!! It was just such a profound realization and vocalization of such that surprised me!!

So there's your moment of the day!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

About Your Comments

I'm sorry one and all!

In being a new blogger, I didn't understand the way the comments section of this particular site. Tonight when I switched to the new updated version I came upon a screen where all of your comments were awaiting approval!

I just wanted to let you all know that I was not ignoring or deleting all of your comments. I guess I just didn't understand it!! They are now all published!

Thank-you for being so patient with me!!

Pictures of the Day

Pictures of the day are as follows:

Abygail in mid-fall... If you notice neither of
her feet are touching the floor! She was fine.

And Jaycob's chosen sleeping location tonight!!

She talks... She actually talks

We've come to realize that Abygail actually talks!! Among all her other 13 month old chatter it's hard to discern, but the words are there if you listen hard enough!!

Words you can actually understand in proper context:

Pat-pat (Little Einsteins)
uh- oh

Sounds and utterances:

Shhhh (meaning Backyardigans or someone sleeping)
Grrrrr (growls back at Oreo or at Jay when she's mad at him)
Mmmmm (something she just stuck in her mouth is good, usually not food!!)
Ohhhh (finger pointing, something interesting)
Weeeee (something is swinging or sliding)
Whooooop (means hair being pulled up, sometimes other objects going up)
And she hums with the Little Einstein music most the time too!!

All these with the signs she knows and uses frequently:

All done

Seems to us to equal a talking child!! Though you often have to really listen and pay attention to her to get her full meaning of what she's trying to tell you! And if you don't get it... She'll let you know!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Been Way to Long!

Wow! It's been way to long since I last posted!

We've had older brother and sister come visit us once since. We've went to see Grandma, Pop-Pop, aunts, uncles, and cousins since I last wrote. We've had doctor appointments and shots. We've learned new things! I'll mention something briefly about each one I guess.

~ Older brother and sister got here at night. Jaycob was in bed, but Aby was still up. Aby was very confused and at odds with who they were and what they were doing here. On the other hand, when Jaycob got up and seen older brother sleeping in his room.... He was more then happy!! I don't think happy was the word!! The kids (all of them) had some slight adjustments to handle while the older two were here. But fun was had by all. Jaycob asked about older sister the next day all day. Then things went back to "normal".

~ The visit north for turkey day was interesting to say the least! I think it's supposed to be a 6 hour drive... I think we made it in 7! Not bad at all considering we only stopped 2-3 times for diaper changes and food. The kids did really well and we made the trip with minimal crying and such. Aby slept only 15 minutes here and there. And Jaycob didn't sleep until we were about 15-20 miles from Grandma and Pop-Pop's house. Grrrrr.... Jaycob ran right in like he owned the place and Aby went right to Pop-Pop when he reached for her!
We were there for a week and Jaycob had Grandma wrapped within the first few hours. Aby was all about Pop-Pop though! We celebrated T-day the Sunday after and it was so warm that all 3 kids were outside playing a good part of the afternoon without coats on!! It was soooo nice, I couldn't believe it!! Fun was had by all!!
The trip home was quicker and just about uneventful!! Jaycob asked about Grandma several times when we got home and we're still dealing with some post Grandma habits! What are grandparents for!?!

~ Doctors appointment for both were on the 30th... Nothing spectacular to mention. Aby is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. Jaycob is in the 3rd percentile for both!! The doctor seemed greatly concerned about Jaycob until we informed him that both of us were always like that and both the older 2 siblings had been like that at one time or another! Aby got a set of shots that we had been way behind on... Yeah the doctor totally yelled at me for that one, rightly so though I guess!! And both kids got the flu shot. Jaycob handled his really well and out of the 3 shot Aby got it was only the 2nd one that upset her! I don't blame her though, that needle was thick and it was an awful lot of fluid!! Both tolerated the shots very well, no fevers or bruising or anything!

~ New things that we've learned since last posting.... Aby can now sign please, more, nurse, thank you, juice. She's well aware of what it is she wants and she lets you know! She is now falling asleep by herself in her crib for most naps. Jaycob, well his new achievemnets are all little things here and there. Just to many for me to even think of or write down what I can!!

Well, there's a little update of what's been going on with the kids... Hopefully, I'll get some pictures up of the kids at Thanksgiving soon. And hopefully I'll keep this updated now!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oreo Again

We just got back from getting Oreo from the groomers. They weren't quite done with him when we got there, but the kids loved wandering around with the wonderful people there!

Jaycob was beside himself with excitement when they brought Oreo out! Abygail on the other hand was purely horrified!! I don't know what it was that made her so scared, but she cried all the way out the door, all the way home, and is still quite Leary of Oreo! Maybe it's Oreo's excitement at being back with us that's making Aby scared?? I don't know, but I guess the kids are even now! One didn't like him going and the other didn't like him coming home!

Leaving Oreo

Our outing today was taking Oreo to the groomers. Ok wrestling a child who is still learning the finer art of walking is hard enough. But wrestling her, Jaycob who has issues with thresholds, and Oreo who doesn't like going into new buildings.... Yeah NOT my idea of fun!!

So I get them all through the door and Abygail runs off in one direction, Oreo tries backing out the way we came, and Jaycob sees a dog that I don't want him to go near!! I push on....

The groomer lady takes Oreo and we stand there and talk about how I want him cut this time and the kids are just wandering nearby. Everything is cool. I tell the lady thank you and start walking away. That's when it all went down hill! Way down hill!!!

Jaycob threw the most awesome fit ever. "No, no Oreo. Oreo, no no!! OOOOreooooo!" I tried explaining to him that they were going to give Oreo a bath and cut his hair, but he just wasn't getting it! So I ended up dragging him out of there, Aby in tow all confused as to why her brother was so upset!

Cute that he cared so much that we were just LEAVING Oreo there...
Not so cute that he threw such a big fit about it all...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Big Brother

Today Jaycob has proved he can be a caring big brother after all!

Abygail reached in the oven (play) and pulled out all the pots and pans. They made tons of crashing, clanging noises. Jaycob got up from the other side of the room where he was playing with his beloved cars just to check on her. He was saying, "Uh-oh, sissy. Uh-oh" with the utmost care and concern all while rubbing her head!!

Jaycob and Abygail were at the table eating dinner when Jay realized that Aby's plate was empty. He got into the bowl of pasta, ripped them in half (just like we do for her), and gave them to her saying, "There you go sissy. There you go."

All too cute! Ahhh the joys!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Couple Things

This is Jaycob napping yesterday. Bryan had told him to stay in his bed... I guess this is way of say, "No! I will not stay in my bed!!". Though that's exactly where he woke up at!

Jaycob pee - peed in the potty again. He asked me to get it out as he's pulling down his pant and taking his diaper off. I get it out and he sits, but wait... He ended up needing all his cars and planes around him. Once he got all those and placed them in front of the potty he sat down, looked at me, looked in the potty, and went!!!!! Not just a few little drops either. He actually went potty on the potty and knew he did and knew we were excited for him!! I know I know... This still doesn't mean a thing!

Jaycob slipped on Bryan's shoes and was walking around the house in them, much to Abygail's amusement! He started walking on the wooden blocks scattered all over the floor and I started telling him he can't do that. Until I realized he's not listening, he's too involved in his own conversation. He's saying, "No, no daddy. No, no!".... Too funny! I guess even though he was the one wearing the shoes, it was daddy who was getting in trouble for walking on the blocks!!

Something else I noticed yesterday... Abygail doesn't pick up and eat Cheerios like a 'normal' child would. She gets her index fingers nice and slimy and makes the Cheerios stick to the end of fingers and puts them in her mouth!! Crazy kid!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Year Ago...

today I was in labor at this time!! Can you believe it?? My baby is 1 today!!

Information about her at her one year mark:

Weighs exactly 20 pounds.
She's exactly 30 inches tall.
Her head is 18 inches.

She wears a size 18 month Shirt. She wears a size 18-24 month onsie. She wears a size 12 month pants. And a size 12-24 month socks.

She can say daddy, bye, uh-oh, ball, and the starts of Oreo.
She can sign please, more, and nurse.
She makes sounds like an elephant, airplane, a cow, fake crying, a backing up garbage truck and sirens.

Her favorite toy is: Whatever Jaycob's playing with.
Her favorite book is: Big Red Barn, I would say.
Her favorite food is: Peaches and green beans.

She sleeps appx. 10.5 hours a day (from 12:00a-11:59p) on average.
She nurses appx. 85 minutes a day.
To date she has had appx. 1875 diaper changes!!

I can't think of anything else at this moment... But if I do I'll add it!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pictures as Promised!!

Sorry this took longer then expected.... But here you go!

Pee - Pee

Pee - Pee in the potty, Pee - pee in the potty!!!

He did it, he did it, he did it!!

Yeah I know it don't mean anything, but he was just so proud of himself!!

8 Legs??

Bad mommy moment of the day!!!

The kids are getting along so well over by the sliding glass door. Do you leave them be since they're playing so nicely together or do you get up and see WHY they're playing so nicely??

I opted for the leave them be option. I shouldn't have! The laughing and giggling got so loud that I just HAD to investigate what was so fun! I get up and what do I find?

I find my 1 and 2 year olds pulling the legs off of a slowly dying daddy long leg!! Poor daddy long leg...

Let's take a moment of silence.............

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

Jaycob went trick or treating this year. It's was his first year, I'm of the mind that if they can't walk from door to door then their too little to go!! So this year was his first and he did GREAT!!

He was not afraid of the other costumed children. He walked up to the doors and knocked (it took a couple houses for him to get the idea he had to move aside so the people could open the door!). About half the houses he said, "Teek, Tneet" and held out his bucket! He would get his candy and say and sign, "Dank, oooo". And he'd be on his way!! Looking for the next house with a light.

The first few houses Jaycob insisted on setting down his bucket taking the candy and putting it in his bucket himself! He would NOT let other people put the candy in! But he caught on to that soon enough. He caught on real quick to the fact that we only went to the houses with the lights on. He had awesome fun!!

Abygail stayed home and handed out candy. From what Bryan says... She FREAKED OUT!!! They had started out and planned on sitting outside the whole time. They ended up coming in and taking off her costume after the first or second group of kids. She played while he waited for the trick or treaters... She did NOT have awesome fun!!

We did get a few pictures before all the fun started, I'll try to get them up soon enough!!


We went to the park today!!

I sat Aby into one of the little toys there and she gave me the biggest grin ever (she loves that thing!). When she grinned at me I thought she had eaten sand because it looked like she had something white all along her bottom gum line... So as a mother does, I shove my finger in there to snag whatever it may be. What do I find when I do this?? I little tooth!! Right there in front on the bottom.

Glad to know something explains the odd sleeping pattern and "off" behavior!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday, Library Day

I know inquiring minds would all like to know what kinds of titles we check out of the library. So here it is, you asked for it:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? By: Bill Martin Jr Illustrated By: Eric Carle

Farmyard Families By: Kate Brookes Illustrated By: Mary Lonsdale

Rabbit Pie Written and illustrated: Penny Ives

Mama Mama By: Jean Marzollo Illustrated By: Laura Regan

Big Red Barn By: Margaret Wise Brown Illustrated By: Felicia Bond

(DVD) Brainy Baby's 'Animals, Apes to Zebras'

(DVD) Little Mammoth Media's 'The Big Aircraft Carrier'

Big Red Barn is indeed written by the same author as 'Goodnight Moon'... It is Abygail's absolute favorite at this point I would say. This is the 3rd time we've checked it out since we found the library. She keeps picking it out of all the other board books... AND she'll sit still for all of it and ask you to re-read it usually 3 times in one sitting!!

Jaycob is starting to interact more with the other children and adults at storytime. Though most the time it's to give back a cup that has rolled away. There are these two little girls (twins) that he just happens to adore, but you can tell he's too shy to talk to them!! Too cute

Sunday, October 29, 2006

From the Warmth of My Bed

First let me say that the kids did not do the greatest with the time change, not to say they did horrible. But not the best! Abygail was up nice and early and just as I thought I had her asleep she popped up like the energizer bunny!! I brought her to bed thinking I could just get a few more quiet minutes...
My wonderful husband hops out of bed, grabs the girl child, and takes her downstairs. The next thing I hear is:

Jaycob's door crack open and a bright cheery, "Hi, Die-yeee (Daddy)". I almost couldn't go back to sleep from laughing so hard, almost.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Think.....

it's time to let the boy child come out of his room when he starts saying, "Kna-Kna" and knocking on the door! I guess even if that means no nap for him today!

And now the growling-giggling beast is chasing him and his train around the living room... Ohh the joys!!

Have You Seen Where Our Daughter Has Gone??

She seems to have disappeared! So you ask what/who is this girl child running around our house.... Well, we seem to be asking just that lately!!

The answer we usually get is, "Gr.. arggggggg!" from the little beast. Huh? So when did our daughter disappear and this monster put in her place?? Thinking back we came up with the answer of about a week ago. She just runs around the house growling as loud as she can. And if you happen to take notice of it, she growls more often and louder! Then comes the other weird phenomenon... The hysterical maniacal high pitched giggle!! So as this "thing" that looks like our daughter runs around you hear, "Gr.. argggggg, Heeeheeejeeeeeeheeeee, Gr.. arggggggg, Heeeheeejeeeeeheeeee!!"

And another little thing... She's out eating Jaycob by 3-4x the amounts!!

So we ask... Have you seen where our daughter has gone??

Friday, October 27, 2006


Jaycob just brought me an armful of clothes (new clothes G-G-Ma sent, THANKS) that were obviously in his way at the end of the couch. He worked so hard to get them all gathered up in his arms. He brought them to me and set them down next to me with great effort saying, "Mama!" and signing, "Help". I'm not so sure what he wanted help with though, looked like he had it all under control to me!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Park Trip

I didn't quite catch the name of the park... But I know it was cold! Very nice park, two different playsets for the different age groups.... Very nice, very nice indeed!

Jaycob would stand at the top of the slides and say, "Weeeeeee!", but would need quite a bit of coaching to actually go down it! Aby on the other hand loved going down the slides, her problem is just getting up to the top of them! That and not understanding she can't crawl up the slide, though she did try oh so hard!!

Both of the kids LOVED the chair swings. Quite a bit of time was spent with Jaycob pushing Abygail in it... The first time he pushed her the swing came back and knocked him flat on his butt, but he figured it out!!

Jaycob also spent the last 10-15 minutes just pushing the stroller around, could have stayed home for that one!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kool, Kool Mama

  • As Bryan was heading out the door to go to work today Jaycob asked for some trucks that were outside. Bryan gave them to Jaycob and he brought them inside and lined them up on the couch. He touched each one of them with his index finger and said, "Kool, Kool Mama" as he touched each one! Translation: Cold, Cold Mama. He ended up leaving them right there until they warmed up a bit!

First Entry!! Yay!!

Well, this is our first entry. Aren't you so proud of us!?!

I will warn you this isn't going to be like most blogs where paragraphs upon paragraphs are written on a regular basis. Ours is going to be slightly... Ok Waaaaayy more basic! As the name of the blog suggest it will mainly be just the little tidbits of our days! The stupid little things that we as parents tend to forget as the days go by.

I hope you enjoy from this day forward. If there's anything in particular you would like to hear about please drop me a line and I'll try to include it!