Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cows at the Door??

Huh? Some of the things the kids have come up with lately are just nuts! Today I hear ding dong noises from Jaycob... Then some moooooo's. Huh? I turn around and see the table set with a full course meal, Abygail at the top of the steps, and Jaycbo at the bottom waiting to greet the cows to dinner. Abygail opens the 'door' and tells the cows, "Come eat, lots food" all while Jaycob is waving his arm welcoming them in.
Next thing I know Abygail is running crazy around the living room yelling, "Oh no! Get down! Come eat. Shoo shoo!" as she's corralling the 'cows' downstairs! Jaycob's screaming, "Come and get it! Come on cows, come eat!!"
Guess it was kinda a had to be here scene!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Which Austin Girl Are You?

I stole this quiz from Aunt A's blog. (Yep, I stole your Title too!). My results really don't surprise me that much... Though there's no way I would marry who she did, but hey!

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Take the quiz and let me know who you ended up as!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playgroup at the Pool

This is the first playgroup at the pool we've gone to this summer. The kids were quite timid around the water, but they eventually warmed up! Jaycob a bit sooner then Abygail. Abygail did it in true toddler fashion, was ready to swim like a fish and really get into right before we had to go!!
Maddy and Jaycob were sitting side by side and by the time I pulled the camera out Maddy was ready to go out again!

Of course soon as she seen me take a picture of Jaycob she came and sat right back down by him!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

While the Cats away....

The mice will play!

Or is that the kids and daddy?!? I left for the night for a much needed mommy break. When I came back I took my stuff upstairs and noticed Daddy's pillows weren't on our bed. I immediately started feeling bad that he most likely ended up spending the night in one of the kids beds. As I continued to pick up and put stuff where it belonged I realized the kids pillows weren't on their beds either.... Of course I thought of the worse. "Great, Daddy had a rough night and had to do pee-pee laundry on top of it!" So I go to ask him what happened and if his night was really as bad as it seemed. Nope! I head down the stairs and there is a full size 4 person tent set up in the playroom!! Yeah! It really did surprise me!
I guess I know where all the pillows went! After talking to Daddy I found out that soon after I left they had dinner, put up the tent, and got ready for bed. Daddy told them that after they fell asleep he would move them into the tent and they could sleep there! So they happily went off to bed and Daddy did just what he said he would do. And they all slept in the tent last night!
Isn't he the coolest Daddy ever!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tents, Picnics, Friends and Pools

This mornign I made a tent for them over their table. This is the first time we've done this with them in a long long time. They thought it was a great idea! When I looked down later they were having a picnic on top of their tent!
Later we had Aspen, Maddy, and Hayden over for a little bit of pool fun!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Company Picnic

Today we went to a company picnic for Daddy's work. All the kids had fun! There was so much for them to do and so much food to eat... WOW! Let me just say that the host and her family went way out of their way to provide us all the great time we had!

Here's Jaycob finishing up his lunch. And then Jaycob and Older Brother in the pool. Jaycob would not trust anyone to get him in the pool. He would walk around the edges, put his feet in, and get on the first step but that's about it! I guess long as he enjoyed himself!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pool Time

Today was the perfect kind of day! Warm enough for the kids to play in the pool, but not too warm for the adults sitting on the sidelines!
The kids would go down the slide so fast and then come to a screeching, splashy halt that they would almost bounce right out of the pool! It was crazy!
All my little beast in the pool!! Maddy was being a turtle, Jaycob a frog, Baby T a dog, Abygail was switching between all of them!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Since it started to rain and storm yesterday after the 4th of July festivities the 'fireworks' had to wait until today. I had just bought those poppers for the kids... The ones that you throw down and they snap/pop... The kids thought they were the coolest thing. I should have bought more!

Yes, they're in their jammies. We had taken early showers since we were supposed to get more storms... But since the storms weren't here yet we took them outside to do this!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!!

We went to Aspen's for our 4th of July festivities. Matt cooked pork chops and there were plenty of other fixings. We took over our moon bounce and the kids all had such a blast.
Maddy and Jaycob looking at a slug.

Awww... Couldn't help it... Baby Hayden!

We had fun and started home just in time. Once we got home the weather really started to act up and we had boomers the rest of the night!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dreams, Nightmares, & Night Terrors

Jaycob has all of thee above and each is talked about differently.

Night Terrors: Well, obviously in true night terror fashion Jaycob doesn't remember them at all. He does have them a couple times a month. We'll have two in one week, none the next, two the following week, and none the last week. This seems to be the pattern we deal with. His night terrors consist of plenty of screaming, crying, standing up in bed and the likes. We usually just try to get him to calm down. We know 'they' say that you're not supposed to interfere and we really try not to, but when you see your baby in that state its really hard sometimes. When its done and over with he's usually back to peacefully snoring before his head ever reaches the pillow.

Dreams: He usually wakes up and just tells us this off the wall story that we're really not sure if he just made it up or if it was actually a dream.

Nightmares: Like last night... In the middle of the night we get the screaming and terrified look, kinda like the Night terrors but he's aware. Last night he was afraid of something (something eating and or biting him) and neither one of us could pin it down. I eventually just sat with him until he calmed down/ passed back out. Fast froward to this morning and I get this story...

"A snake was eating me. He went like this with his tongue (he sticks out his tongue). And he eats me all up!" "There a frog and he goes like this with his tongue (again the tongue sticking out), but he didn't eat me! Frog eats bugs! (As he's rubbing his belly) Turtle was dreaming too. He didn't eat me (vigorous head shaking no). He out of his shell like this. (Severe neck stretching) He eats grass. Snake eat me all up!! (dramatic chomp chomp hands)"

Somewhere in there I had asked him if this was his dream last night. And his answer was, "Yeah, I scared. The snake eat me all up!" and the story continued!

I hate to say that I actually enjoy his nightmares, because I don't at all. What I enjoy is the actual conversation and insight into his mind the next morning.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All About Me Game

Open up your internet browser and do Google searches as outlined below, only use YOUR name instead of mine. Type in the following and choose the first item that comes up!

1) Melanie needs: To accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time.
2) Melanie looks like: The psychological child that she is ... (from an Alfred Hitchcock site)
3) Melanie does: The Cha Cha Slide! (I do?? Didn't know I could dance!)
4) Melanie hates: Ian (I don't know one, but I guess I hate him!)
5) Melanie goes: Home (From another book)
6) Melanie loves: Tommy (Don't know one of these either)
7) Melanie eats: A 17 year cicada (This one is a bug!!)
8) Melanie has: Been awarded two gold albums (Not to sound greedy, but I could sure use the money associated with this one! LoL)
9) Melanie died: In a plane crash of the Crossair Flight 3597 near Bassersdorf by Zurich in Switzerland. (Well hopefully I was on my way back from a vacation!)
10) Melanie will: Be featured on Triple J's next crop on Friday 25th November, also another tour on the way. (Back the 2 gold albums!)

Wow that was fun! I'll try to get back to real blogging here soon!