Monday, April 30, 2007

Nothing Special

Went to the library this morning.

Kids participated in song and dance.

Jaycob told me he had to "Dee-dee" and he did.

Didn't get any books, just the one Farmer DVD they LOVE!!

Went to the park.

Pretended to ignore Kaylee.

Jaycob said he wanted to go "Dee-dee" again and he did.

Came home had lunch and naps.

Went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Jaycob flirted with some ladies planting flowers.

Had a snack while watching the monkey movie (Curious George).

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Like Oreo

Just like Oreo*... Or at least that's what we told Jaycob today. We went out for a loooooong walk and Jaycob decided he had to "dee-dee". He's been standing up to pee the last two days so I guess doing it outside was the next step??

So there we were a long way away from home, on some lonely trail, and our son had to pee... What else do you tell a little boy to do in that situation?? I guess water the grass is what most would do, but that just didn't cut it for Jaycob. Soon as we told him "just like Oreo" and sure enough he peed on the grass just like Oreo!!

He was so proud of himself and thought it was silly all at the same time!! So much that after we got back he ate, got down from his chair, and came and told me he "dee-dee out Oreo!!"

*Those who don't know, Oreo is our dog!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

She Lost It...

Abygail lost her Mother of the Year Award! I went out tonight so this is all per Daddy's telling of the story!

Abygail asked Daddy to take the clothes of her little baby. She took it over to her sink and gave it a bath. (Daddy knew that because she kept saying, "Bath, bath, bath".) Then she asked him to take the clothes off of her big baby, took it and gave it a bath with the little baby. Nothing wrong with all that, right?? Just giving her babies a nice bath in the sink....

She then proceeded to put on her oven mitt, shoved both of them in the oven and closed the door!!!

Yep, there went Mother of the Year!!!

Easter Grass II

Friday, April 27th... They are no longer follicle-ly challenged!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tuesday, so many pictures. So little space!

We went to yet another new park on Tuesday! I really liked this one. Too bad it's not closer!

After dinner Daddy, Jaycob, Abygail, and I walked down to the marina/beach!

The Past Few Days

Since we've been concentrating on the whole potty thing... I really haven't written. So now I'll play catch up and fill you all in!

Friday we were supposed to go to HyperSpace with the playgroup. When we got there there were more then 5 bus loads of 6th and 7th graders!! A total of I think they said appx. 250 students... Yeah not ideal for about 10 toddlers! So we went to a nearby park for a while until the school field trip was gone.

We did finally get some time at HyperSpace!

Sunday, don't even ask me what she's doing to this poor baby!

Tuesday, there's so many pictures I want to share I'll have to post Tuesday by itself!

Wednesday (yesterday), we had a friend over to play. Abygail was not keen on sharing with 'R'! But they soon figured it out and she's back to play today!

Potty Time

Ok I soooo wasn't going to write about this for a while. I didn't want to jinx us or curse us or what ever else....

Jaycob has been using the potty since April 16th! For some reason I just woke up on that Monday morning and decided I was going to put him in big boy undies (thanks Aunt T for the training pants!!). Thankfully, he went right along with it all!!! He took to it like a fish to water! Grandma and Pop-Pop even sent him some big boy undies to celebrate the event!

As can be expected the first day we had our fair share of accidents. BUT... We also had our fair share of success!! The accidents got less and less and the success got better and better as the days went by. We've now been working on this for 1 week and 2 days. The last 4 days we have been accident free!! We've even been out and about at parks and he's told me he's had to go. Yesterday he actually 'finished' a BM in the potty. This morning.... He actually came and told me "Mama, poo poo" as he's holding his rear!! We rushed off and sure enough he had a full BM in the potty!! I was so proud of him, he was so proud of himself!!

This is the reason I've decided to write about it today and taking the chances of jinxing ourselves!! I can imagine we'll have our set backs from time to time, but.... Wish us luck!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shove It!!

Ok, no I'm not telling you all to "Shove It!!"... This is just an action Abygail is doing lately! I was going to write about it last night, but thought 'naaaaaa, not that big of a deal". But, man.....

Last night she was snacking on pretzels. All of a sudden they were all gone... Next thing we knew she had a fistful of them again... Ok, Where in the world did she get them from?? We soon figured out she was shoving them all down the back of her diaper!!!

Today, she had a bowl of dried fruit. She soon poured them all out as she laid down on the couch. We just thought she was being the ultimate of lazy! Nope.... She was just trying to get into a better positions to shove a handful of fruit down her diaper!!

Why is she shoving things down her diaper?? Your guess is as good as ours! We thought pockets?? But nope, we tried giving her pockets and she didn't care. She just keeps shoving food down her diaper!! Any ideas??

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Prize Possession

I bought a book shelf for Jaycob yesterday. I figured he has so many books on the floor up in his room and he hasn't destroyed a book in SOOOOO long that it was time to get him a shelf of his own!!

For some odd reason I decided to put it together 30 minutes before bedtime. The kids thought it was all so funny and didn't even want snack. When I got it put together and stood it up Jaycob just started screaming "Book, book, book". He was beyond excited!! He got quite upset as Daddy started carrying it up the stairs. We had to let him see where Daddy put the shelf instead, then he got way excited!! Beyond excited!! We let him check it out for a few minutes, put his 'usual' books on it, but then it was bath time.

While he was taking a bath I added a handful of books that he's never seen before. Daddy said that he was so excited about the shelf that he wouldn't even sit still and listen to his bedtime stories!!

Tonight, same thing... I added a few more books while he was in the tub. He wouldn't sit still for bedtime stories. You would think its the new books that are keeping him excited. But its NOT!! Its the shelf! Or maybe the idea of a shelf all his own??

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Update to "A Sad Horrible Story"

Ok so my sister-in-law has had some progress in her jury duty nightmare. A lot of you have asked that I let you know when that happened. So here it is!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It has been really nasty and windy here the last few days. Thus the reason for no good posts/pictures of the kids. Daddy brought this nest in from off the ground the other day! We're keeping it up on the kitchen sink and not letting the kids touch it. But Jaycob was told he could ask to look at it when ever he wants. So he keeps asking, "See, egg nest?".
When Daddy first showed it to him he wanted to put our Easter eggs that we dyed into it, we had to explain that they wouldn't fit!!

The outside of it is covered in spiderwebs and its smaller then the palm of my hand. Daddy tends to think its a hummingbird or small wren of some sort. If you know bird it belongs to could you please let us know??

Marigolds Day 6... 8:20 am

Jaycob's marigold is starting to open up its leaves, but its still holding on to the seed casing. And then he also has another little sprout coming up!

Older Sister's sprouts are considerably shorter, though the two have completely opened their leaves. The third sprout, for some reason, doesn't have any leaves!!

My two sprouts are tall and leaves are fully opened. I have a third sprout opening up its leaves opening, but still holding on to the seed casing!

They're all coming along nicely! Jaycob is enjoying watching them grow. We look and talk about them every evening while I'm cooking.
Also, if anyone actually happens to know a "real, scientific" word instead of "seed casing" please let me know! I know there has to be one out there, I just can't find it!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Marigolds Day 4... 8:30 am

Jaycob's sprout is still holding on to the seed casing.

Older Sister now has 3 large sprouts, though the one doesn't have leaves on it??

And mine has 3 little sprouts too!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Marigolds Day 3... 1:30 pm

On Thursday Older Sister, Jaycob, and I went to an activity here on base. We were supposed to be planting flowers outside and then bringing home a plant. But it ended up raining really hard the night before, so they ended up holding it indoors. We got to paint these little plastic pots, fill it with dirt, plant the seeds and water them. Jaycob had a blast painting his pot. By the time we got to the fill it with dirt part he was getting bored though and did a lot of dump and fill while he waited!!

This is Jaycob's plant! There's only one little sprout in there right now.

These are Older Sister's plants. Last night she had none compared to Jaycob's one, but this afternoon she had THREE sprouts!!!

And this is my little sprout!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Sad Horrible Story!

Ok I need everyone to go read my sister-in-law's story about her jury duty nightmare. I'm not going to elaborate. I'm so mad about it I probably couldn't write a real coherent bit about it anyhow!

Perhaps if Mr. Gunfire... If this is a topic you can rant about and that moves you. Please do, I love your ranting/writing style.

Also, anyone else... Please put the word out about this story (and the many others like it).

Easter Grass

So the kids got these cool little grass egg-heads for Easter (thanks Mom!). Jaycob likes watering them. Abygail just likes to touch them! We opened and watered them on Saturday 7th. We'll call that day 1.

This is Monday 9th, Day 3. Look at the little grass sprouts! I called them follicle-ly challenged!

Friday 13th, Day 7. They needed haircuts said Older Brother and Sister.

Before Haircut

After Haircut

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Looking Back on Wednesday

Ok actually there's really nothing to look back on.... We didn't do anything. 3 out of 4 children didn't even get dressed!! Ohhhh Ohhhh wait we did do something! We decorated Easter eggs. Yeah I know a little late, but who cares. Its the fun and doing it all together part that matters!! Since I just remembered, I do have pictures I have yet to edit and such. I'll post them when I get that done!

Here they are!!

Eggs are still white!

Waiting Patiently!!

Being Very Careful!!

Finished Eggs!!