Sunday, December 30, 2007

A 3rd Christmas

Another Christmas celebration, this one with the M side of the family. The kids were so happy to see Pop-Pop and all of the family! And they were even more excited when they found out there would be more presents!

And of course you have to love your family after they put this out in your front yard!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Watching Kitty and took these pics.... enjoy!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gingerbread House

Naked gingerbread house! (Wow! these pics of me are becoming not that rare!)

Finished Front

Finished Sides

Moon Sand

Older Sister bought this Moon Sand with some money she got for Christmas and she was nice enough to share it with Jaycob and Abygail. The kids had so much fun with it, but....
I tell you now, I hate this stuff and wouldn't recommend it to anyone!! I've heard some say its better then Play-Doh for toddlers. I think not!!!! It is kinda a cool product, it feels like wet sand at the beach. It molds and moves like wet sand at the beach. But I have to say its just as messy as wet sand at the beach. It claims its easy clean up.... Yeah, if you want to sweep it up and toss it, but then you've paid $6.00 for an hour of play. I'm too cheap for that! I'll stick to my Play-Doh thank you very much!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Abygail the Explorer

Daddy took this video tonight with my new recorder while Older Sister and I went shopping.

A 2nd Christmas!

We had a second Christmas when Older Brother and Older Sister got here. While we were waiting for them to get here Jaycob was playing with this Pat-Pat book. You kinda have to look into this hole to see this view master-like disc.
If I would have known stickers were going to make him so happy I would have just skipped the rest of the presents and bought him nothing but stickers!

New Abygail Stuff

Just thought I'd share really quick about Abygail's new things before I started uploading all the holiday pictures.

Her favorite thing to do right now is climb up in your lap ever so sweetly and then quickly grab your nose and eat it! Don't ask me where she got this idea.... I mean when the kids were really little we would eat all kinds of body parts, part of teaching them their parts. But we haven't done this in ages! But now that she's eating noses, I've started to eat all kinds of more difficult body parts! But she LOVES doing this and does it with gusto. The sounds she makes mimics a fat Italian chef tasting his pasta sauce! Too funny!

Her other thing right now is actually eating!! Mostly 'babble', Mama... She easily eats an apple or more in a day! She's not willing to let me chop it up any more. She must have it whole. And when I say she eats the whole apple and I mean the WHOLE apple!! She'll eat the apple all the way from the bottom to the top, core and all!! And if she doesn't finish it in a sitting she'll put it in the refrigerator so she knows right where to find it when she's ready to go at it again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Playing With Presents

Christmas Morning!

Ok this one is mostly pictures with very little narration.

Woo Hoo! So many presents! We can't wait!

Presents! Presents! Presents! (this darn game Aby is opening is like a Hungry Hippos, but frogs. It was broke when we opened it!!! Uhhhggggg....

Thank you G-Gma M for this computer! Jaycob LOVES it!

Both Abygail and Jaycob got My First Leappads. Jaycob loves his... Abygail is a bit young or bull-headed to listen and do what it says, but she likes hearing all the noises!

This is one of Abygail's favorite presents.

This one is from G-Gma G and so far I think its been played with the most! Its a ViewMaster Projector.

And are my children the only ones who get excited over clothes?

As you can see Abygail was excited to get these dolls.

Ohhh Look at this.... A rare picture of me. And look at all that loot!

Lots of clothes for her babies! And what in the world could these last two be???

Why its a dollhouse and tool bench! Both which have been played with continuously!

The kids had a blast! I really enjoyed watching them this year. The fact that both of them personally enjoyed themselves this year is I think what made it that more enjoyable for me!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve. Jammies

What's better then new jammies on Christmas Eve.? The kids helped put presents under the tree all day. So, boy were they excited when they came down from baths to find a present in each of their 'spots'. Jaycob kept asking if he could open it, wondering why he could open this one now when we had been telling them they couldn't open presents all day!

Here's the two of them in their new Santa jammies! Thanks Aunt M. we LOVE our new jammies!

Visiting Dog!

We're watching a friends dog while their family is away for the holiday. Abygail at first was NOT happy with this arrangement!! Abygail does well with Oreo and loves our family pet, she however screams at even the site of any other dog! We've had Molly here for 4 day now and Abygail just adores her! Oreo loves having Molly here to play with at times and others he just seems agitated at her. Here's a couple pictures of them actually being friendly!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Making Gifts

This year both kids are old enough to help make gifts to give to family members. I do have pictures of them doing just this, but since a few are for a couple of my number one readers I am leaving out the pictures for now! But I will tell you they worked very hard at what they were doing!

Remind me after the holidays to post the pictures!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Playgroup Holiday Party

Thursday playgroup holiday party was today. Lots of food, lots of space to run, lots of kids, and a Santa... What more could you ask for??

Once again Abygail was more then willing to climb up into Santa's lap. Santa's all time question "What do you want for Christmas this year?" was answered with a very clear and very loud "Candy!!!". That's my girl!

And Jaycob took some convincing to even stand up there next to Santa and even a little bribing with the goodie bag! Though as you can see in the first picture he was more then willing to show Santa that he got his bag!!