Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Was Wrong (sorta)!

Well, it may not have been Abygail's top teeth that were bothering her like I thought!

Before dinner tonight I looked in there and, low and behold, she has a new big fat molar on the right bottom!! No wonder the little thing has been so cranky!!

Saying that... Her top gum line still looks very white and angry!! So maybe I'm not completely wrong!?!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Ok it's Monday again... Time to go over to Rachel's and admit your moronic moment!!


So, yeah, we went to the library today....

The nasty mean librarian came over and yelled at us 3 different times. Ok 'us' isn't right, I'll admit she yelled at me!! Mean librarian!!

Abygail has this habit of screeching. Most the time its when she's having fun and not to much of a big deal. The screeching at other times, like when she's angry or whatever, we've been trying to discourage.

At the library she was happy! Very happy!! She was screeching. Very loudly and continuously!! I tried to get her to stop. You're supposed to be quiet in the library. But by me showing her attention, by the librarian showing her attention, made it even more fun to screech...

We ended up leaving, giving mean librarian lady a mean dirty look on the way out!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Ok, I just had to... These things are going around like wildfire and I just have to join in!! So please participate in all the fun!

Create your own Friend Quiz here

Grrrrr.... Arrrgggggg....


The girl child has been unusually crabby. During one of her tantrums, yesterday, I got a good view of why!!

Her next two teeth on top are attempting to push through! We've had a couple days of this so I'm guessing we'll have another week or so of crabbiness!!

Yay, fun fun fun!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


This morning Jaycob and I went to get Abygail out of bed. On the way up I told him, "Sshhhh, be quiet. Pop-Pop and Grandma were still sleeping." And I pointed at the door to the room they're staying in.

So we went in and got Abygail, being quiet the whole time. All three of us start walking out of the room and Aby starts jabbering. Jaycob whips around, puts his finger to his lips, and tells us, "Ssshhhh, Pop-pop nigh-night, truck*" And he continued to whisper and tell us to whisper all the way down the steps!!

* The truck part in him telling us to be quiet.... They're staying in the playroom, which Jaycob says "truck" for that room because that's where all his trucks are kept!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The in-laws are here, the in-laws are here!!

Let me start out by saying that, unlike most in-law relationships, I totally LOVE my in-laws!!! They are two of the greatest people I know!

Anywho... The kids completely love them as well. Pop-Pop walked in the door and Abygail just ran right to him!! The fact that she remembers and that she can love him so much... Just a wonderful thing!

Aby continuously played "ignore grandma". And thought it was very funny. She would look away from Grandma and just smile her biggest smile, too funny!! She has been a total mooch from the time they walked in the door. She's loving it so far!!

Jaycob was still napping when they got here. Before he went to bed I told him Pop-Pop and Grandma were going to be when he got up. I went up and woke him up after a while and I told him to guess who was downstairs. He said, "Pop-Pop!", hopped right out of bed, and ran right downstairs. He was flapping his arms and was so excited to see Grandma and Pop-Pop!! He's been stuck to Grandma's side since!

He's now sleeping, Abygail isn't yet. Can't wait to see how both of them act in the morning when they see that Grandma and Pop-Pop are still here....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Time Ever

I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese this morning. First off this morning was a bit rough. Jaycob woke up before 6am. So I really debated taking them, but that's where the playgroup was this week and I had already said we were going. So I figured if anything once we got there he would be fine!

Both kids fell asleep on the way there (its close to a 60minute drive). When we got there Jaycob was just awe-struck! All the lights and sounds.... He loved it!

Jaycob would not ride in any of those things that move. Abygail would only ride in the one where you get your picture taken with Chuck E.! But she did that one a couple times and we got some really nice pictures!

Aby, more then anything, played with any and all kids that were in strollers. She would play some of the other games if I got her into them, but she could have taken them or left them!

Jaycob liked the game where you punch the ducks for tickets (you can see he actually knocked one over!). And another one by luck where you just push the button and hope it lands on a higher number, meaning more tickets.

But his FAVORITE was this......

And I really liked this one!! I've never seen this one before... And the kids sat down long enough and tolerated it long enough for us to actually get a couple good ones!! It pretends its sketching your picture and then prints them. So they would look like little sketches if only it weren't on the cheesy Chuck E Cheese paper!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sound Effects

Jaycob's very proud of his new sound effects... Today he picked up the following:


Doo d-d-d-doo...

These are courtesy of Backyardigans. There's an episode where the characters are secret agents spies. The one character, Pablo, is explaining that with the secret agent status comes cool sound effects for sneaking, falling, something good, and so on... These two are the ones Jaycob picked up!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Busy... Busy...

Yesterday and today we went to different playgroups.

Yesterday a very nice woman opened up her house to us and let us destroy it!! Abygail tentatively walked around and played with a little bit of everything and beat up on a poor "baby"!! Actually this little boy is the same age as her, but she insisted that he was a baby! Jaycob mostly played with various train tracks and cars for a little bit too. Both kids snacked voraciously on the lovely spread our host had out for us. Abygail was particularly entranced by the colored goldfish!

Today the playgroup was at the youth center on base. We met a lot of people. Abygail kept busy running from one baby to the other, checking on them. And Jaycob mostly kept to himself playing with the kitchen items. He did spend quite a bit of time making 'music' with a little girl and her mother. Their instruments were pots, pans, and dishes. And they were hitting them with Tinker Toy sticks... Remember those???

So we've had enough fun for the last few days. Because of course we went to story time at the library on Monday too... At least they've been taking good naps because of all the activities!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Go Look

Oh yeah!! One of my friends has now started her own blog... Go ahead and go visit her!!

Moron Monday

Hey go over and tell us all about your Moronic Moment at Rachel's Moron Monday!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pictures From This Past Week!

Abygail about as sick as can be.

Abygail and Jaycob bathing after being sick!

Abygail happy she's not sick anymore!

And I got her hair into
actual full pigtails!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Birds and Lunch

Jaycob was up at 0600 this, that was too early for me to drag my lazy butt out of bed for the day. So I brought him to bed to rest... About 30-40 minutes later he was bored of resting and climbed down from the bed. He looked at me, signed "bird", and said "caw-caw, caaaaw"!! I have no idea where it came from, what he was trying to tell me, or where he even got the sound from... I was laughing so hard that Bryan had to come and ask me what was so funny!!

Lunch time according to Jaycob: Grapes, pinto beans, cheese, and chicken all go inside a soft taco shell. And the combination taste very yummy and everyone should try it!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You Might Be A Military Spouse If.....

Ok I know this don't have much to do with the kids. But I've been thinking about this type of stuff a lot lately! I have several friends whose husbands are overseas and I wish I could be there for them. I'm mighty thankful that we're pretty sure we personally won't have to deal with that type of long separation again.... I hope you guys get something out of this!!

You Might Be A Military Spouse If....

  • If you know what an LES is and can read it.
  • If you know "going to the commissary" means the same as "going to the grocery store".
  • If you've ever stood way down the dairy section aisle of the commissary waiting to be checked out by a cashier.(This usually happens on paydays.)
  • If you're broke by around the 12th and 27th of EVERY month.
  • If you spend at least one day a week sleeping by yourself.
  • If that one day a week is no big deal to you.If one week or one month away from your spouse is no big deal either.
  • If you spend more time with your neighbors than your spouse or have ever felt "married" to one or more of your friends.
  • If you've ever checked your email multiple times a day in hopes your spouse has written you and know how horrible email being "down" is.
  • If the thought of another deployment makes you cringe.
  • If you've ever stood helpless while your kids cry for Daddy (or Mommy), wishing you could tell them it wouldn't be long but knowing it's not true...and ended up crying with them.
  • If "sleeping with another man" means letting your son sleep with you while Daddy's gone.
  • If you've ever felt a twinge of jealousy seeing a couple enjoy each other's company in public somewhere while your spouse was gone.
  • If, upon hearing of a military member's death, you cry for their spouse and children and want to hold your spouse a little tighter or email them if they aren't with you.
  • If you've had your spouse's picture as the desktop background on your computer so you can feel like they're still with you.
  • If you've ever talked to that picture, smiled at it, cried to it, and in some weird way felt better afterwards.
  • If you've ever made a paper chain that was long enough to circle your entire living room (or more) and removed the links one by one down to the last when your spouse was finally coming home.
  • If you've ever had to add (or remove) links to that chain because the arrival date changed.
  • If you've ever cried tears of joy at a homecoming...but secretly ached inside knowing the happiness was short-lived and your spouse would be leaving again.
  • If you've ever felt weird, or almost "wrong", sleeping with your spouse after a long separation (who is this stranger?).
  • If you know most of your spouse's workmates by their last name only.
  • If you have a power of attorney, USE it, and freak out when it expires.
  • If you know that not everyone accepts a power of attorney, despite the fact it gives you permission to practically BE your spouse.
  • If you've ever argued that fact with someone in person or over the phone and gotten nowhere.
  • If you've ever informed your spouse of your baby's arrival by sending an AmCross.
  • If you've spent almost all the holidays in any given year without your spouse.
  • If you've ever avoided touching your spouse until they thoroughly showered off the mace-like product they had sprayed on them during training.
  • If you accidentally got some on your hand anyway, didn't know it, and rubbed it in your eyes. (OUCH!)
  • If you know what "leave" is and have looked forward to being able to use it.
  • If you've ever reassured your spouse while they worried over making rank...telling them everything would be fine either way.
  • If you've ever celebrated when they made it...but knew you'd have to wait months before seeing the pay raise.
  • If you have perfected the military cut, even though you have had no previous hair cutting experience.
  • If you own a sewing machine that's mainly used to sew patches on your spouse's uniforms, and you do it well.
  • If you've ever stood quietly and proudly on the sidelines while your spouse was recognized for the work they'd done.

If anything on this list made you laugh, cry, or at least nod your head in agreement...you might be a military spouse!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sanitizing Day

Yesterday was sanitizing day!! The kids (and mom and dad) were feeling better so we deemed it the proper time to wipe things down. We wiped down everything!! Cupboard fronts, fish tank, TV and DVD buttons, tables and chairs, door knobs, light switches, and even stair banister!! The kids thought it was all great fun! First real smiles and giggles we've had since Wednesday or Thursday!

The good news is the kids are feeling better, not 100%, but better. We still have some yucky diapers to contend with and they still want to sit more then play. But it is only 0912!! Food intake is going well enough, right now they're snacking on dry Crispex.

The best news is I actually got to get out for a few hours by myself yesterday!! Something SAHM don't get to do very often. I can tell you I feel 100% better now too!!

Thank you all for the 'Get better soon' s for the children.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Nobody got sleep last night!

Sick kids still sick!

To tired!

Probably no sleep tonight either!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh Towels of Fun

Jaycob started complaining this afternoon that his stomach hurt. Bryan came home, I told him about it, and took off by myself to the grocery store. I came home to towels laying all over everything, Bryan sitting on the couch with Jaycob in his lap, and Aby running around like a mad woman!! Oh and lets not forget the washer already full of towels and clothing!!!

Jaycob laid listless on the couch from the time I got home until he asked to go to bed, where he is now peacefully sleeping.

Abygail ended up getting sick a couple times and is now laying here next to me on the couch sound asleep!

2 sick kids - heart wrenching
4 loads of laundry (so far) - yuck
1 roll of paper towel - ewwww

2 children sleeping quietly (for now) - Priceless