Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mom! Dad!

No more Daddy or Mommy... Jaycob has went to calling us Mom and Dad. We were trying to figure out when or why he started this. Our first thought was that he picked it up from Older Brother and Older Sister, since they don't obviously use Mommy and Daddy. But when we really started to think about it he started it before they got here. So that can't be it!

I don't know what possesed him to start this, but I sure do miss the Mommy and Daddy's. I'm really hoping they come back and this is just a phase, but I'm not holding my breath!

Friday, June 27, 2008

PA Fish

This is at the fish hatchery in Pennsylvania. This is just like an observation tank where you can see what species are in the area... Jaycob really liked it once he figured out it was just like a large fish tank. (Abygail was at home with Grandma M. taking a nap during our outings today).

We also went fishing. Jaycob has been asking to fish for the longest time. I was disappointed in the fact that it didn't seem like he was going to get a chance to do it this trip. But we DID end up getting a chance to sneak out. He LOVED it. He'd throw it out there and reel it back in. Then we would cast it out further and he would wait and slowly reel. He did have a fish at one point but the water was really shallow and rocky toward shore and he ended up dragging the fish right off the hook as he reeled it in!! Even with that he was soooo excited!

Older Sister found her little fishing spot and was really the only one who ever landed a fish. She had so much fun, against all her expectations of fishing!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ummmm.... Last Day


A boy and his truck... Ok well it's not his truck... Uncle D was nice enough to throw some soil out for Jaycob to play in!

Monday, June 23, 2008

23rd Randomness

Us adults were trying to get pictures of all the kids together, but little Miss Thang here really wanted no part of it!!

On our way from one place to another we stopped and I took these cool pictures of this storm that was chasing us!

Fast Track to Nowhere

We went to the train park near Cousin L's house after bowling. Jaycob really enjoyed seeing the train and walking on the track.

In the Fast Lane

Today we went bowling with the whole family! Jaycob at first was not thrilled with all the noise, but he soon got used to it. Abygail was really more interested in wandering around and watching everyone else, but we did eventually get her to push a ball or two down the lane. And in true toddler fashion as we were ready to go she was THEN ready to bowl!

Jaycob did insist on pushing his own ball which would barely make it down the lane. Where you see Abygail standing is as far as she would go. So Daddy would have to give it an extra little push to make sure her ball would make it down to the pins.

Older Sister insisted that she didn't want to bowl, because she couldn't. Little did she know that her Aunt M and I can't bowl either! It actually ended up that Older Sister beat Aunt M by 1 pin!

Here's the kids final score. Down the list Cousin L, Jaycob, Older Sister, and Abygail (who's game was mostly bowled by Older Sister!).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family Fun

This was a perfect day in my mind! Nice weather, a lot of grass to play in, family all around... Perfection

Friday, June 20, 2008


Took all four kids to the Gardens today! The weather was more then beautiful for a walk in the gardens!

We had never been in the bathrooms here before and I couldn't believe how much work was put into the walls. ALL of the walls were tiled like this....

Aby insisted on standing under this bark painting. And I thought this one little tree standing in the sunlight was really cool!
And kinda like the bottles we did last year, we did a craft that will be displayed later in the year. This time it was decorating sticks that they will, I think, turn into a snake. Jaycob and Abygail painting their sticks. Then Older Brother's and Older Sister's sticks. And the two bottom ones are Jaycob's and Abygail's!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Best birthday hands down!!! My morning was kinda bum... I took the kids to the pool we had fun, though I didn't get any good pictures. Aspen and Maddy were supposed to come with, but something else came up that they had to attend to. So we were all kinda bummed about that.
But when we got home the house and yard were all decorated. There was a banner across the front windows along with writing. And there were balloons everywhere! It really brought a smile to my face, Aspen is a sneaky one!!

Then the afternoon kinda went off as nothing out of the ordinary, except we picked up our Wii. Dinner came around and Daddy had called Aspen and the girls over for dinner and cake without me knowing. I'm sitting here setting up the Wii when Aspen and the girls show up!! It was such a surprise! After dinner and everything Daddy surprised me again by bringing down a present! Yay!!! It was the camera I had been eyeing up lately. Didn't really need a new, I just wanted something more compact. He's the greatest!!!

Opening presents! The card is a 'holy cow'! Hahahahaha! Shut up, I thought it was funny!

Me taking a picture of daddy taking a picture of me!

Chocolate cake face! Maddy patiently waiting for cake!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The kids had so much fun making these for Daddy. We have Older Brother and Older Sister with us and they put quite a bit of thought into their papers as well! Daddy was quite surprised when he woke up to find the posters, cards from each of the kids, and even an actual present. I bought Daddy the MP3 player that he's been eyeing up for a couple months now. He was really surprised!
Soon after the Father Day festivities Daddy had to go work on some homework. So I brought the lacing buttons. The kids loved playing with these while we were visiting my family last month so I dug out my box of them today. The kids were thrilled to see them!