Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oreo Again

We just got back from getting Oreo from the groomers. They weren't quite done with him when we got there, but the kids loved wandering around with the wonderful people there!

Jaycob was beside himself with excitement when they brought Oreo out! Abygail on the other hand was purely horrified!! I don't know what it was that made her so scared, but she cried all the way out the door, all the way home, and is still quite Leary of Oreo! Maybe it's Oreo's excitement at being back with us that's making Aby scared?? I don't know, but I guess the kids are even now! One didn't like him going and the other didn't like him coming home!

Leaving Oreo

Our outing today was taking Oreo to the groomers. Ok wrestling a child who is still learning the finer art of walking is hard enough. But wrestling her, Jaycob who has issues with thresholds, and Oreo who doesn't like going into new buildings.... Yeah NOT my idea of fun!!

So I get them all through the door and Abygail runs off in one direction, Oreo tries backing out the way we came, and Jaycob sees a dog that I don't want him to go near!! I push on....

The groomer lady takes Oreo and we stand there and talk about how I want him cut this time and the kids are just wandering nearby. Everything is cool. I tell the lady thank you and start walking away. That's when it all went down hill! Way down hill!!!

Jaycob threw the most awesome fit ever. "No, no Oreo. Oreo, no no!! OOOOreooooo!" I tried explaining to him that they were going to give Oreo a bath and cut his hair, but he just wasn't getting it! So I ended up dragging him out of there, Aby in tow all confused as to why her brother was so upset!

Cute that he cared so much that we were just LEAVING Oreo there...
Not so cute that he threw such a big fit about it all...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Big Brother

Today Jaycob has proved he can be a caring big brother after all!

Abygail reached in the oven (play) and pulled out all the pots and pans. They made tons of crashing, clanging noises. Jaycob got up from the other side of the room where he was playing with his beloved cars just to check on her. He was saying, "Uh-oh, sissy. Uh-oh" with the utmost care and concern all while rubbing her head!!

Jaycob and Abygail were at the table eating dinner when Jay realized that Aby's plate was empty. He got into the bowl of pasta, ripped them in half (just like we do for her), and gave them to her saying, "There you go sissy. There you go."

All too cute! Ahhh the joys!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Couple Things

This is Jaycob napping yesterday. Bryan had told him to stay in his bed... I guess this is way of say, "No! I will not stay in my bed!!". Though that's exactly where he woke up at!

Jaycob pee - peed in the potty again. He asked me to get it out as he's pulling down his pant and taking his diaper off. I get it out and he sits, but wait... He ended up needing all his cars and planes around him. Once he got all those and placed them in front of the potty he sat down, looked at me, looked in the potty, and went!!!!! Not just a few little drops either. He actually went potty on the potty and knew he did and knew we were excited for him!! I know I know... This still doesn't mean a thing!

Jaycob slipped on Bryan's shoes and was walking around the house in them, much to Abygail's amusement! He started walking on the wooden blocks scattered all over the floor and I started telling him he can't do that. Until I realized he's not listening, he's too involved in his own conversation. He's saying, "No, no daddy. No, no!".... Too funny! I guess even though he was the one wearing the shoes, it was daddy who was getting in trouble for walking on the blocks!!

Something else I noticed yesterday... Abygail doesn't pick up and eat Cheerios like a 'normal' child would. She gets her index fingers nice and slimy and makes the Cheerios stick to the end of fingers and puts them in her mouth!! Crazy kid!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Year Ago...

today I was in labor at this time!! Can you believe it?? My baby is 1 today!!

Information about her at her one year mark:

Weighs exactly 20 pounds.
She's exactly 30 inches tall.
Her head is 18 inches.

She wears a size 18 month Shirt. She wears a size 18-24 month onsie. She wears a size 12 month pants. And a size 12-24 month socks.

She can say daddy, bye, uh-oh, ball, and the starts of Oreo.
She can sign please, more, and nurse.
She makes sounds like an elephant, airplane, a cow, fake crying, a backing up garbage truck and sirens.

Her favorite toy is: Whatever Jaycob's playing with.
Her favorite book is: Big Red Barn, I would say.
Her favorite food is: Peaches and green beans.

She sleeps appx. 10.5 hours a day (from 12:00a-11:59p) on average.
She nurses appx. 85 minutes a day.
To date she has had appx. 1875 diaper changes!!

I can't think of anything else at this moment... But if I do I'll add it!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pictures as Promised!!

Sorry this took longer then expected.... But here you go!

Pee - Pee

Pee - Pee in the potty, Pee - pee in the potty!!!

He did it, he did it, he did it!!

Yeah I know it don't mean anything, but he was just so proud of himself!!

8 Legs??

Bad mommy moment of the day!!!

The kids are getting along so well over by the sliding glass door. Do you leave them be since they're playing so nicely together or do you get up and see WHY they're playing so nicely??

I opted for the leave them be option. I shouldn't have! The laughing and giggling got so loud that I just HAD to investigate what was so fun! I get up and what do I find?

I find my 1 and 2 year olds pulling the legs off of a slowly dying daddy long leg!! Poor daddy long leg...

Let's take a moment of silence.............