Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Eating Eggs

I think they've eaten an egg or two every day since Easter... Though today was only the second day they asked to crack and peel them!

Ok so I did a lot today! Make sure you scroll down for all the new posts!!

This Is Funny!

Thank you ohhh so much Matt for cutting Oreo!! We owe you!!!

Added a Post

From way back... Hoping to add more today!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Now This Was A Nice Day

A Girl and Her Dog!!

Jaycob really didn't want his picture taken this day... All well!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mildly Nice

I think he was looking at his shadow!

I bought these bubbles at the $ store for Easter. MmMmMm, they smell soooo good!
The girls are still trying to figure out this whole hopscotch thing!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Afternoon

Not quite what you would think of a traditional Easter Afternoon event... But it worked for us! We had planned on going while Older Brother and Sister were here, so what better day to go?

The funny thing is you wouldn't believe how many birthday parties were planned for the day! We counted at least 3!! Who plans a birthday party on Easter Day? Perhaps the early Easter this year threw them off? Good thing is we were lucky enough that only one of those parties started within our last 30 minutes there!

Anyways... The kids had fun. Jaycob actually rode the rides this time. Abygail however wouldn't!! Jaycob's favorite part, the train table, was broke so he was highly disappointed in that. Abygail liked playing this game...

Easter Morning

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Dying

We dyed our Easter Eggs tonight! Older Brother and Sister are here. We had their favorite meal and moved right into dying eggs. All the kids had so much fun.
Warning about extra limbs... Older Sister was sitting next to Jaycob. And most the arms in Abygail's pictures are me. Daddy was behind the camera tonight!!

Abygail refused to put her own eggs in the dye. She would pick the egg, the color, and how long to leave it in there. But she would NOT drop it in there herself! Jaycob on the other hand LOVED doing it all by himself.

Good thing ALL the kids like boiled eggs, because we have over 2 dozen here for them to demolish!
The finished product, minus the eaten ones!
1st row: Mostly Older Brothers, 2nd row: Jaycob's, 3rd row: Abygail's, 4th row: Mostly Older Sisters.

Its All About Lunch!

Its always all about whatever meal its time for!! She's just an eating beast. Constant non-stop all the time eating!!


Added pictures to the post I said I would!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Prints

We had plans to do our Easter painting so it couldn't have been more perfect for Maddy to join us while her mommy went to the hospital. We all had a lot of fun and the kids all listened wonderfully!!
Jaycob's Artwork.

Maddy's Artwork.
Abygail's Artwork.

Easter Hat

She's so silly!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Our normal Thursday playgroup had an Easter egg for the kids. It ended up being way to cold and way to windy! We hunted eggs and left! Here's the pictures I did get!

Jaycob's 2 Cents

1)Jaycob came up the stairs to tell me that his one DVD is skipping and stuck. I told him that its doing that because he won't keep his fingers off of it! He then tells me its not his fault. So I ask him who's fault it is, expecting him to say its Aby's. Nope. I get "The two bears did it!"

Huh??? The two bears?? What two bears? Am I now housing two bears I didn't know about??
He then tells me the two bears licked off the shiny side of the DVD and that's why it's not working!! Ohhh ok whatever!

2)Right after that convo he still standing there and he puts his hand on the wall. He looks at me and says "Mama, your wall needs washed!".
Me: "My wall needs washed? Then maybe you should wash it".
Jay: "Nope, its all clean!".

Then as he's walking back downstairs.... "Ewww... Wall is dirty!!"

Uhhhgggg.... He sure knows how to get out of cleaning doesn't he? Kinda like when we were younger and complained about being bored... Mom always had 'something' to take away the boredom blues!!

Oh and no my walls aren't that dirty!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Morning Silliness

She kept telling me she was a 'fireman'. I tried to tell her that she could be a firewoman... But nope she insisted she was a fireman! And don't ask me why she had to use the dish towels over her shoulders. But I had to keep putting them up on her shoulder and she refused to wear the fireperson's coat!!! But she hung around like this for most the morning!
Of course Jaycob seen Aby was getting her picture taken so I had to take one of him too!

Afternoon Energy

Wow was it warm! So we all went out and played!

Goofy picture together!
Jaycob was very proud of his rainbow!