Thursday, February 19, 2009

Story of a House! (Empty)

The front of our house!!

The view from the front door. The open door on the right is the door to the basement. Straight ahead on that island will be the sink and the dishwasher. The fridge will be to the left of that little door(pantry). The stove will be on the left wall that you can't see. That area in the back where the sunlight is coming in will hopefully be like a sitting/reading corner, though we're not quite sure yet.

This is the view from in front of that little (pantry) door.

The first picture is from the top of the stairs looking at the kids bedroom doorways. And the second picture is what I could get of Jaycob's room.

And this is what I could get of Abygail's room. She also has a pretty decent sized walk in closet.

They have a hall bathroom to. Just didn't take a pic, nothing there yet soooo...

This is from the doorway of our bedroom. We also have a large walk in closet!!

And this is from the doorway of our bathroom. And the view from standing in from of the shower.

This is downstairs in the basement. The door on the left is another full bath, the door on the right leads into like a study and the laundry room. Behind me (which there is no picture of) is a walk out door to the backyard.

The kids are super excited, if we tell them we're going to see the empty house they know where we're going. We're beyond excited. Everything's not COMPLETELY finalized yet, but we don't foresee any issues.


  1. Congrats on the new place! Hope to see more picks once you guy's are settled in.

  2. that looks really nice. congrats.

  3. OMG you are moving again! Is it a condo? The pictures are beautiful. Look forward to seeing more pictures once you move in.