Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter morning was kinda leisurely. All the kids sifted through their baskets. Compared what was the same and what was different. I'll tell you, it getting harder and harder for the Easter bunny to shop for Older Brother! Any suggestions? Anyway, I think we did alright this year. The younger two loved those big balloons you blow up with a rubber band on the end, and it kept Older Brother pretty entertained for quite a while too!! LOL Older Sister's favorite I think was the Twilight candy hearts I picked up. Heck, who doesn't love sparkly candy that says "Bite Me" or "Dazzle Me" on it!?! No, literally the candy had glitter or something in it, it was crazy!

Kids loved dying eggs this year. Last year was great but trading 4 cups of color between 4 kids was kind patient trying for a 2 and 3 year old. This year we had 8 cups going around and it went much smoother! Don't even ask me what Jaycob is doing in this first picture!

We joked about going to Chuck E Cheese like last year. Wasn't a bad idea actually, but we decided going somewhere new. We loved this new place for having kids of such varying ages. It had the moon bounces, video games, and go-carts! That was the best! The go carts all of us enjoyed. I think we just really love doing these family activities on Easter because we have Older Brother and Older sister and we know Daddy has the day off! It works for us! And this year we were the only people at this place the whole time!

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