Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go!

G-G-ma and G-G-pa came in from Michigan during Jaycob's promotion yesterday, part of the reason he decided NOT to ride the bus home. They came in to visit because we then got up this morning to all drive to Alabama!! Yep, we're road tripping all the way to Alabama, without Daddy to top it off!

One of the stops we made for potty and maps was at a welcome center that was also a train station. We thought it would be cool if Jaycob actually got to walk across real railroad tracks. He was so excited about it all. But while talking to the guy there we discovered that a train was actually due to stop in about 15 minutes! So we decided to wait. It ended up being longer then that, but it was well worth it! A train came through all right, but it wasn't the train that was stopping it was just a cargo train with all the boxcars. He was so thrilled about that! Then the train that was supposed to come through came in and he actually recognized the CSX engine from one of the DVD's he has. It stopped and we watched people get on and it took off again. I think he was surprised at how big and loud the train actually was! While we were sitting there listening to him be excited we heard the sound of another train whistle in the distance so we sat a little longer. Sure enough another passenger train came roaring through! It was then time to get them back across the track and loaded into the truck.

The kids have done really well so far. We've stopped for the night at a Quality Inn appx half way to their home in Alabama. We stopped and ate lunch, had dinner here at the hotel, and now the kids are trying to fall asleep despite all their excitement!! I hope tomorrow goes as smoothly as today did!

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