Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Park Trip

I didn't quite catch the name of the park... But I know it was cold! Very nice park, two different playsets for the different age groups.... Very nice, very nice indeed!

Jaycob would stand at the top of the slides and say, "Weeeeeee!", but would need quite a bit of coaching to actually go down it! Aby on the other hand loved going down the slides, her problem is just getting up to the top of them! That and not understanding she can't crawl up the slide, though she did try oh so hard!!

Both of the kids LOVED the chair swings. Quite a bit of time was spent with Jaycob pushing Abygail in it... The first time he pushed her the swing came back and knocked him flat on his butt, but he figured it out!!

Jaycob also spent the last 10-15 minutes just pushing the stroller around, could have stayed home for that one!

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