Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Count Down 'til Jaycob's Birthday

So it's a week until Jaycob's 3rd birthday and I've decided to do a "Last Three Years In Pictures" thing.... A little each time I get a chance to.... So here's the first installment!

~September 2004~ 1)My little 'bili' light baby. I was only allowed to take him out of the lights to nurse and even then I had to have a light on us as much as possible! 2)Please don't mind me, come on, I just had a baby then spent two nights (and days) sleeping in this chair! That's Daddy you see sitting beside Jaycob (the cell phone). Since he was overseas at the time, texting was our only form of communication at the time!

1)Oreo watched over new baby Jaycob like he was his own! 2)Awww... Look how peaceful!

~October 2004~ 1)So serious. 2)Jaycob's 1st Halloween (in PA).

~November 2004~ 1)Happy nakie baby. 2)Jaycob's 1st Thanksgiving (in MI).

~December 2004~ 1)Loving the present! 2)Jaycob's 1st Christmas.

~January 2005~ 1)Wanting to crawl. 2)Happy jumper.

~February 2005~ 1)Daddy's Dixie. 2)High as a kite??

O.K. I think I'm done for the night... Though I look forward to doing the next post!

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  1. Okay, there's officially NO WAY I could do this with my kids without bawling. I am just amazed at how fast the time flies by!!!! I just can't believe he was that tiny - but then it doesn't seem that long ago. Waaaah! Why can't they just stay little... a little longer. Okay, I'm too emotional for this - I'm going to bed.