Saturday, September 20, 2008

County Fair 2008

Today we went to the fair again this year like I said we would last year. We didn't spend nearly as much time with the animals this year as last. The kids were just to weary of them. We made it through one side of a barn and one side of the rabbit and fowl section. That was enough for them! Abygail held her noise the entire way through both saying she smelled something. It was too cute!
We played 1 game this year. The one they loved last year were they got to pick a duck and pick a prize. Jaycob got a car and Abygail picked a stuffed duck.
This year we were able to ride a couple rides! It started with a train, the kids and I rode that around the track more then a few times. They enjoyed it, to me it was the train ride that never ends!! The whole time they were riding the train they seen the kiddie roller coaster and wanted to go on it... Problem being 1)we didn't think Jaycob would handle it well by himself and 2)we didn't have enough tickets for all of us to ride. So we talked them into these cars instead. Jaycob and Abygail seemed to LOVE it!

Afterwards we then introduced them to cotton candy! It didn't go over so well with Jaycob, he's a texture eater like his father and me. Abygail was all about it. Did it taste sweet? Yep, she ate it up! Between her and I the bag has been gone for about 2 hours now...
Note: Daddy has more pictures, I'll hopefully add them tomorrow.

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