Saturday, October 04, 2008

7th Week of School, September 30 - October 3

This whole months focus, I think, is supposed to be community helpers and the roles the play. This week was police officers.

The day the police hat came home... Bus pulled up and all you could see were little heads wearing these hats!! Come to think of it I should have expected it since when the bus picked Jaycob up the morning kids all had them on!!
He also won this "Outstanding Character Award". He did say everyone got one though... So who knows!

Also, on Friday they had a Family Celebration Day. Us parents and siblings got to come into school and experience their last hour of school. When we (Abygail and I) walked in they were in the middle of circle time. I love the way the teacher is with the kids. She seems great! I'm really glad that Jaycob likes her so much. A good way to start out his school experience! Anyway... I heard a different version of 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' that I had never heard before that included a wolf and an ant. And then came the 'Tooty Ta' song! Yep, the one you now here when you open up the main blog page! The kids LOVED this! Abygail had joined their circle time by then and was dancing and singing right along with the other kids. After circle time we had a snack and played outside.

Small problem though... After circle time Jaycob went and hid under a table. Talk about feeling like parent of the year! Come to find out that before we got there, earlier in the afternoon, they had an intruder drill... Not such a smart move if you ask me. Go through an intruder drill and then ask all kinds of strangers to come into the classroom! I wasn't the only parent that was a little confused by this logic, but my kid was the only one hiding under the table and redoing the intruder drill! Other kids had shouted out "Stranger!" but that was all. So after most the 'strangers' (other parents) went outside with their child Jaycob finally came out and ate a bit of snack and then we went out and played for a bit! At first he wanted to ride the bus home, but he changed his mind once he knew I was taking the rest of his snack home! It was a very busy, long, and stressful day for him!

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