Monday, October 06, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference October 6

Well we had our first (and I guess only planned) parent/teacher conference today. Jaycob is doing well in class. He listens and participates. He will interact with the other children, but he does not usually initiate it. He does sneak over to the sensory table more often then he's supposed to. But for now she lets it slid, I don't know how I feel about that one! To top it off he keeps sneaking a certain truck into the sensory table. I guess measuring cups are just to boring for him!

We talked about his speech sessions starting and she personally didn't think he needed a whole lot of help with it. But she did promise me that she would get the ball rolling with it.

These pages are what we discussed academically. I was told these three papers contain everything he should know by the end of kindergarten. The teacher said he was actually up to speed per most kids his age.
And knowing our Jaycob he knew some of this information and he was done with her questions and didn't want to answer them any more! Especially the body parts section. I KNOW he knows most of these without thinking that aren't checked. Same with some of the shapes. But hey she did say that most the kids in her classes didn't even have this much knowledge only a month into the school year! Never mind that Jaycob is her oldest student this year.

All in all so far he's having a good year and doing good in class and as an idividual!

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