Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Big Brother

Today Jaycob has proved he can be a caring big brother after all!

Abygail reached in the oven (play) and pulled out all the pots and pans. They made tons of crashing, clanging noises. Jaycob got up from the other side of the room where he was playing with his beloved cars just to check on her. He was saying, "Uh-oh, sissy. Uh-oh" with the utmost care and concern all while rubbing her head!!

Jaycob and Abygail were at the table eating dinner when Jay realized that Aby's plate was empty. He got into the bowl of pasta, ripped them in half (just like we do for her), and gave them to her saying, "There you go sissy. There you go."

All too cute! Ahhh the joys!!

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