Monday, February 05, 2007

Sanitizing Day

Yesterday was sanitizing day!! The kids (and mom and dad) were feeling better so we deemed it the proper time to wipe things down. We wiped down everything!! Cupboard fronts, fish tank, TV and DVD buttons, tables and chairs, door knobs, light switches, and even stair banister!! The kids thought it was all great fun! First real smiles and giggles we've had since Wednesday or Thursday!

The good news is the kids are feeling better, not 100%, but better. We still have some yucky diapers to contend with and they still want to sit more then play. But it is only 0912!! Food intake is going well enough, right now they're snacking on dry Crispex.

The best news is I actually got to get out for a few hours by myself yesterday!! Something SAHM don't get to do very often. I can tell you I feel 100% better now too!!

Thank you all for the 'Get better soon' s for the children.

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