Thursday, August 30, 2007

Outdoor Day @ the New House

Ok so its not so new. We've been here for a month now, but hey, its the first good outside pictures I've got of them since we've moved!

I filled up the pool in hopes that I could get some much needed yard work done. I mean come on I have a poor hosta sitting here in an old dishpan still waiting to be planted!! Did you get that?? Its still waiting. Yeah I ended up having to sit there, right on the edge of the pool to supervise. Meaning not getting a shred of yard work done!!

Here's the ONLY two I have of both of them in the pool.
And that's because Jaycob would get in just long enough to get wet and then do this.....
He would start off on his car at the top of the driveway and go over the hose. Then he would turn it around and push himself off backwards down the driveway. Our drive is slanted just enough that he would go flying until he hit the grass.
Then he'd walk it back up and do it all over!!

So here's some pictures of Abygail being a cute little goofball!!!

Oh I forgot about this one of Jaycob yelling at Abygail for getting grass in the pool!

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