Monday, July 23, 2007

Garden Walk

We went to the local gardens today to walk and explore with some friends. Ok the walking was for us mommies! While we waited for our friends we walked a bit. First we seen these flowers. Jaycob insisted on making "buzzzzing" sounds even though there were no bees any where near these flowers! And then my munchkins wanted to sit next to this "tee" with eyes and nose. Abygail was fascinated with the eyes and Jaycob the nose. Though he did tell me "no teeth"!!!

Along the trail there are metal art sculptures. These are only a few of them.

We stopped and let the kids get out of the strollers and run of their energy! Jaycob had a lot of fun playing with Dalyce!

There were also art pieces among the knotholes in the trees. Some of them were quite hard to spot and others were right there in your face. I love this clock one!

And what do you see here??

This large thing was toward the end... Its suppose to represent the intertwining of something or other.. Yeah reading about these things aren't the easiest with 7 toddlers in tow. We, as the art critics we are, thought it looked more like a hand with a butt in the palm!!

And at the very end of the trail there was a little side trail with all women sculptures. This is only two that I got pictures of! Kinda cool I thought!


  1. I think the big thing at the end is a person wearing a straw hat and carrying a basket of either flowers or laundry. More likely flowers.
    I love the first tree picture. Can we go there when I visit!

  2. 1) I thought he was carying some kind of fruit. Apples, papiya, something of that sort.
    2) What do you see in the first picture??
    3) Its a long walk from there... Though if you ever get here sure we can go there!

  3. I think the last two of the women are the "before" and "after" a pregnancy.

    (Sorry, I couldn't help it.)