Saturday, November 03, 2007

Girl Thing???

So everytime I put a new outift on Abygail she has to walk around the circle in the house. With her arms spread out and this proud look on her face she looks like I just gave her the best present in the world!! Most the time she doesn't even wait for me to get the shirt on. She'll walk around a few times with the pants on and I have to wrangle her down to put the shirt on! Then a few more laps she goes! It doesn't even have to be a BRAND new outfit, just new to her!! And the newest addition to this little parade is she pats herself on the chest saying, "Me! Me! Me!".

Is this a girl thing?? Or is she just odd??


  1. Whether it's girlie or odd, I think that kind of self-confidence in a girl is just adorable!!! Don't you wish they could stay that happy and secure about their appearance?

    Elianna not only likes to parade herself around, she likes to change her clothes about 5 times a day so we can enjoy the full spectrum of her wardrobe. I know, I shouldn't stifle her, but until she learns to fold her own clothes this gets tiring.

  2. Oh you have yourself a girly girl there!!!