Thursday, November 29, 2007


Jaycob lately has been doing a lot of pretending... No we're not talk about him acting like a daddy, a dog, a doctor, or an other animal. Here's a small list and description of what he's been pretending to be this week.

A toilet flushing: Yep! He'll stand in the middle of the room and says, "Water go down" "Here's the hole". He spins in a circle and goes down, making flushing noises the whole time!!! Sometimes he'll even say he's poo-poo going down the hole....

A rocking chair: He'll sit on the couch and put his arms straight out and rock back and forth and say, "Rock, rock. Rock, rock".

A clock: He leans over the coffee table from the ribs up and then swings his legs back and forth and says, "I clock! Tick, tock, tick, tock". Where he has seen this one I don't know. We don't have any clocks that have pendulums like that. But this has been one of his favorites!

A train: Now we all know he loves his trains, but lately he's been becoming one! He stands there and moves his arms back and forth like the train wheels. He even tries to get Abygail and the rest of us to be train cars!!

A microwave or oven: I'm not so sure which one he's doing here. He'll sit on the floor and say, "Cold, get warm". Then he'll make some beeping noises, after a bit he'll say, "Ohhh ahhhh hot, hot hot!". I'm not sure if its the oven or the microwave because both of those items warm things up and beep, but if you ask him which one he is he'll just say, "Yes"....

Not only has he done all these frequently in the last week, but he has done already this morning!!!

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  1. Okay, I was reading the part about acting out the poo-poo in the potty, and Elianna runs up and says, "I wanna SEE that!" I told her you just told the story in words, and there was no pics/video, and she said, "But I want to SEE that! That is funny!" What an imagination Jaycob has - I especially love the microwave one. Too cute.