Friday, January 18, 2008

Scrub a Dub Dub

Today Abygail and I went to the clinic. We were told to sit somewhere and we looked at the posters and talked about the ick down the seat cushion. And then I kinda left her to her own devices. First off she started calling all the corpsmen 'sharks' and running the other way screaming, "SHARK, Oh No Shark!!". To funny! She kept this up the whole time we were there waiting (40 minutes).

At one point she looked at me and said, "Water Mama." and was rubbing her hands together. I just kinda nonchalantly asked her if she was washing her hands. "Yeah Mama!" It wasn't until a few minutes later when she tried handing me some 'soap' I really realized what she was doing. Next to us was like a modular office table, it was broke. One of the screws that go into a camlock was hanging down from the top. She was pretending that screw was a soap dispenser!! She would put her hand up under it and then 'wash' a part of her body and then share her soap with me and I'd be required to wash my body! We ended up going through all our body parts like this!

I guess this all just struck me just so because I don't get a lot one on one time with her! It was nice to actually get this time today, even though she was diagnosed with a severe ear infection.


  1. Wow - she sounds like she was in a great moood for having an ear infection! What a tough little cookie.

  2. Yeah, Her Uncle Craig acually would have his eardrum break before complaining of an ear infection. High pain tolerance!