Saturday, January 05, 2008

Art and Engineering

We painted snowflakes today. We used watercolors which did not go as well as I had hoped or planned. They listened and pained with acrylics so well last month that I thought this would be a piece of cake for them. It wasn't! All Jaycob wanted to do was try and drink the water after it turned blue and Abygail just wanted to mix the paints in the tray. The ones on the left are Abygail's and the ones on the right are Jaycob's. Aren't they pretty!?!

Later in the afternoon Jaycob built this beautiful bridge. I just asked him about it and he said Older Sister built it. But I assure you she was even here when he built this! You see the row of square blocks to the right, going under the bridge? These were boats and their cars, like train cars....


  1. I wonder where you inherited that snowflake pattern?
    Glitter glue works better.

  2. Well, send me some glitter glue! Though I'm sure this is easier to clean up!!

  3. Trust it to a mom to post a "you could have done it better" comment! ;0) It's art - there is no right or wrong way to do it! They are perfect just the way they are.