Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Assessments III

We had our next appointment for Jaycob's testing today! Jaycob was noticing all the blossoming trees on our way there and to his delight there was a tree right in front of the building we were going in. The wind was blowing as we were walking toward the door and he called the falling blossoms 'snow'!! For the little things to make you so happy!!

Anyway... The woman just sat him down in a chair and showed him and bunch of picture and asked to him tell her what they were. Sometimes they would talk about the pictures more too. He did really well. He knew what they all were and said them all except the picture of the zipper. He knew what it was for, but not what it was called. I mean he told her "its cold, put on my coat, warm". I guess that's more our fault then anything!! I mean we don't ever call it a zipper, think about it. You tell a kid to "Zip up your coat". Not "do your zipper" or something like that!! He did really well with the size ratio concept and the colors.

The only thing is after a while I think he was messing with her! He was saying the one picture of a car was one color and I know he knows it was blue!! And than he told her an umbrella was a bowl (forgot to tell you that one Mom). I also know he knows what an umbrella is... I think he was just getting bored and decided to mess with her or something!!

The woman did ask me if he eats just fine. Well of course he does. He's a little piggy and always has been. She asked him to move his tongue in all kinds of ways and the only one he couldn't do was make his tongue go up! It seemed he was doing it sometimes to say certain words, but not most the time! She also said that most the time people can't understand him is because he talks really really fast!! Something he has in common with Older Sister!

But all in all she said he did really good. Now once again I'm just waiting for some more paperwork to show up in the mail!

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