Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Realized

So I just realized that the school Jaycob will be attending next year is considered a year-round school... Not so sure how I feel about this. They start in the middle of August and get out the second week in June. So really its just an extra month... But looking at the calendar for this year they need to start that early just to cover all the vacation they get off for the main holidays! I mean they get just about 3 weeks for the Christmas/ New Year's holiday!!

Still pondering how I feel about this... Any comments?


  1. I think that kinda stinks!

  2. Well, you know my views on education are about as NON-traditional as they come, but I'll give my two cents and you can take it or leave it! ;0)

    I say, you know what works best for your kid, and you should just pay attention to see if his needs are being met with this program. Do what you think is best for him after you see how this schedule works with his learning style.

    From experience with cousins of mine in other coutries who attend school year-round, (They go for three months, then have an entire month off)their argument for it is that so much is lost academically with a long summer break that much time is wasted making up "lost ground" when they go back to school. By taking shorter breaks more often, more of the facts are retained, and there is also less "year-end burn-out."

  3. Well, I agree with the whole year end burn out!! I think it seems like a good idea the more I think about it...

    I mean looking at the calendar from this year it seems that all the long breaks are when we would normal do our traveling any way... So what's the harm... We'll have to see how he does with it all!

  4. Not to mention, although they consider this school "year-round," there are schools (albeit rare) that are in session the whole year with only four weeks for summer break. So actually this seems to be a bit of a compromise between the two schedules. That way you can get a bit of both ideas without going to either extreme.