Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween in the Garden

Yesterday we went to the gardens to a trick or treating event they had going on. We've had plans to go to this for over a month. We haven't had ANY rain all summer, and wouldn't you know it's been raining since Wednesday?? We got up yesterday and it was still raining!! I was sooo disappointed. But the gardens are over the bridge and I know from experience the weather is always different over the bridge (even though its only about 7 miles). The weather here had let up a bit so I decided to go ahead and get the kids ready and go. If it was raining there then no big deal! We got there and the sky was a little overcast, but nice! It never did end up raining on us and we even got some good glimpses of the sun!!
At first neither one of the kids wanted to put on their costumes, but eventually I got Abygail into hers! Jaycob I think was just really liking wearing his hoodie and didn't want to take it off to put on his frog. And on top of it all I forgot to bring their candy buckets... Good thing they gave us bags when we entered!

These pictures were all taken while we were waiting to get in. Too cute Jaycob trying to tell Abygail to wag her tail!!

This was kinda set up like a craft fair, without all the crafts. It was just companies trying to get their name out there and passing out candy! A LOT OF CANDY!!! Oh man we got so much candy! We also colored on some pumpkins that we got to bring home....
On the way out Abygail seen this little boy dressed as a dalmatian, and he seen her and they both just took off!!! They had so much fun just running together, they were sooo cute. Actually we all had so much fun!!

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