Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin Prints

Today we made pumpkin prints! All I did was paint the kids palms orange and had them make the pumpkins on the paper. Then painted a finger green and told them to put the stems on the pumpkins. I had actually seen this idea somewhere on-line a few years ago and you're also supposed to let them take the handle end of a paint brush to connect all the pumpkins to make it look like they're all growing out in the patch still. But I didn't let the kids do it this year, I could just see the whole paper covered in green!

Both of the kids were quite unsure about me painting on their hands. But Abygail eventually stuck out her hand for me to paint. She thought it tickled and kept moving it making it quite hard to paint. She did her 3 pumpkin prints and wouldn't let me paint her hand anymore saying "hurt". I guess she was just done! I did talk her into letting me paint her finger, she did one little stem and then she was done with that too. Hers is the bottom picture.

After Jaycob watched Abygail do her prints he was more then willing to let me paint his hand too. His first pumpkins are on the top in this picture... See the upside down pumpkin? I had to really talk him into the fact that the pumpkins could touch each other. The two papers here and the one in the picture up there ^^^^ are all his. As you can see he really enjoyed doing these and we did until all the paint on the plate was gone!
He would have had me paint his hand all day if I would have let him!


  1. Very cool - I'll have to try this one with Elianna! (And maybe Selah, although she'll probably just lick her palms...)

  2. This is what they make non-toxic paint for!!