Monday, October 01, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Ok so there were no tigers, but does some sort of leopard count??

No? Well, sorry! That's about as close as we're gonna get!!

And for the bears.... This is all that could be found along those lines!

With this being a full length viewing window I thought for sure Jaycob would be afraid of looking at this polar bear. But to my surprise he loved it! Even when the bear moved a bit he just laughed! He was also very interested in the very large wheels that were part of the exhibit decorations. This is what you see him excited about in the the first picture!

And lions.... Well here's the first lion we seen.

But then the real lions came later! I didn't get a picture because they were hiding behind some logs. But Jaycob did get to see them!

I think Jaycob and Abygail are looking at deer in this enclosure.

We also seen some vultures and the soon to be flamingo enclosure.

Then there were the ostrich, rhinos, and whatever this thing is....

Then there was the petting zoo section. Of course my two didn't pet anything, but they sure got a kick out of looking and laughing at the animals.

There were some pretty donkeys, if you've ever heard such a thing. And some indistinguishable sheep.

Then there was the rooster that Jaycob said needed a haircut. And the cows that both of them just wanted to look at from afar!

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