Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh My!!

Sorry I had to cut this into two... Blogger was giving me a hassle with all the pictures in one post! Sooooo as I was saying....

Jaycob insisted he had to say cheese and then see the pictures I took. And he insisted that they had to be right here!

Jaycob's next favorite part was the bird exhibits. He really didn't see any of the birds, but he loved these nest you could sit and play in!

The one little girl with all the curls wasn't part of our group, but once we came along her poor mother couldn't get her to budge. She thought we were all soooo much fun! Other then her there's Dalyce, Kaylee, and Jaycob. Kaylianna and Abygail refused to sit in the nests. Abygail was more then content to just sit in the stroller most of the day. Hence the lack of pictures of her!

Abygail particularly liked the giraffes and the elephants though.

The all time favorite of all the kids were the penguins. We looked at the penguins, walked around the exhibit, and were ready to move on when all of a sudden the zoo keepers came out and fed fish to the penguins! Both Jaycob and Abygail loved watching the penguins eat the fish!

Jaycob had a lot of questions about the one keeper who was writing down which penguins ate what. I don't think he quite understood it, but then again he could have since later in the day he was eating and pretending to write something!!

The day was tiring but fun! The trip was interesting to say the least. The kids slept some of the way home. We've been talking about the zoo since! Even now as I'm posting this Jaycob is wanting to see the pictures!


  1. Looks like fun! We are quite the Zoo Junkies, too.

  2. I wish we could be! If it wasn't so darn far away or if it wasn't so expensive!!

  3. Sorry, I know I'm the one who started Jaycob in the habit of wanting to look at the picture right after it's taken.

  4. No this time he wanted to make sure I was really taking the picture because I tried to fool him a couple times earlier in the day!

  5. You should have known better - there's no pulling anything on that boy!

    Next time make someone take a picture with you in it!!! It's sad that your children went to the zoo without you... ;0)

  6. There is one picture of me with the kids.... But its from my backside!!

  7. You must be well disguised... I have looked over the pictures twice and can't see you... or your backside.

    As for how expensive the zoo is, I agree!!!! You might live too far to make it worth it, but zoo memberships make great Christmas presents!!! (Drop a hint, hint here to grandparents...) And they are usually accepted at zoos all over the place - we've used ours at three different zoos and either gotten in free or get half-priced admission. That's how we have gone to so many zoos this year without taking out a second mortgage.

  8. Ohhh No I didn't post the picture!! Ohh yeah for the membership we still live to far to make it worth while!