Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Dying

We dyed our Easter Eggs tonight! Older Brother and Sister are here. We had their favorite meal and moved right into dying eggs. All the kids had so much fun.
Warning about extra limbs... Older Sister was sitting next to Jaycob. And most the arms in Abygail's pictures are me. Daddy was behind the camera tonight!!

Abygail refused to put her own eggs in the dye. She would pick the egg, the color, and how long to leave it in there. But she would NOT drop it in there herself! Jaycob on the other hand LOVED doing it all by himself.

Good thing ALL the kids like boiled eggs, because we have over 2 dozen here for them to demolish!
The finished product, minus the eaten ones!
1st row: Mostly Older Brothers, 2nd row: Jaycob's, 3rd row: Abygail's, 4th row: Mostly Older Sisters.

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