Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Day at the Aquarium pt.2

This was the best part of our aquarium trip if you ask me! To start with, the Atlantic Coral Reef is my favorite section of the aquarium. At the very top we caught some divers feeding the fish. They seen the kids and immediately asked the kids if they wanted to help. This is NOT a normal part of the aquarium experience. But they treated us like we were VIP and let the kids feed the fish for as long as they wanted. If you can see in the pictures what they're feeding the fish... I would have never guessed they feed fish from the coral reef frozen peas!! Abygail of course had to be told not to eat them, feed them to the fish!!!
We did end up staying for quite a long time throwing peas into the water! The kids had a blast. Even Cousin E who ended up not feeling well this day kinda came out of her fog to happily feed the fish! I thought it was all great!

Abygail peeking out from around the bubble tubes. And again out from the shark jaws!

Grandma and Jaycob leaving the aquarium and going across the bridge.

Jaycob thought this fish was cool!

We ended up getting home quite late and Daddy had a nice warm s'getti dinner waiting for us!

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