Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jaycob's 2 Cents

1)Jaycob came up the stairs to tell me that his one DVD is skipping and stuck. I told him that its doing that because he won't keep his fingers off of it! He then tells me its not his fault. So I ask him who's fault it is, expecting him to say its Aby's. Nope. I get "The two bears did it!"

Huh??? The two bears?? What two bears? Am I now housing two bears I didn't know about??
He then tells me the two bears licked off the shiny side of the DVD and that's why it's not working!! Ohhh ok whatever!

2)Right after that convo he still standing there and he puts his hand on the wall. He looks at me and says "Mama, your wall needs washed!".
Me: "My wall needs washed? Then maybe you should wash it".
Jay: "Nope, its all clean!".

Then as he's walking back downstairs.... "Ewww... Wall is dirty!!"

Uhhhgggg.... He sure knows how to get out of cleaning doesn't he? Kinda like when we were younger and complained about being bored... Mom always had 'something' to take away the boredom blues!!

Oh and no my walls aren't that dirty!!!

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  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    And don't forget my second most frequently voiced answer. "Only dumb people are bored. Intelligent people can think of something to do. Use your mind!"
    Although the "I can give you something to do!" had better results.