Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Day at the Aquarium pt.1

The trip to the aquarium went well. All the kids were well behaved, but they were more then ready to get out of the van when we got there. Then again us adults were too!

We got there just in time to head up to the dolphin show. I mean we bought our tickets at 12:47pm and the show started at 1:00pm. We had about 10 minutes to get 4 toddlers up four floors!! Yeah there was a lot of "come on, lets go" going on!

All the kids were really patient waiting for the show to begin and also during all the boring parts.

At one point they had two dolphins swim on their backs with a big turtle or duck on their chest. Abygail thought this was great, as you can see!

All the kids thought it was great when the trainers got into the water with the dolphins. Cousin E wanted to get in her suit and go swimming too. Jaycob just kept saying "She in the water!"

Next came the frogs. Aunt A or I didn't get to see or take any pictures of those since the younger two took that moment to decide to fill their pants!! But according to Grandma C. the older two had fun and Cousin E even touched something in a touch tank!

After diapers were changed and we made it back with the others it was time to see the 'Wings in the Water' exhibit. This is usually a favorite for Jaycob. This time was no different! There was also a large sea turtle, but my picture was too dark. :-(

The kids did get to watch divers go in and feed the animals in the sting ray exhibit. They were being fed some lettuce and other unidentified stuff!

Next came the sharks. Jaycob LOVED this part! I like the first picture. It looks like a reflection, but its not.

Next came some puffins and smaller fish tanks

After that we moved onto the Tropical Rain Forest exhibit. First picture is the scarlet ibis. The second is a blue-crowned motmot.

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  1. Okay, how on EARTH did you remember the names of the birds!?!?