Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family Fun Community Day

Family Fun Community Day we thought was going to equal free food... Yeah we're that cheap! But we were wrong. These pony rides were the only thing that was free. I of course didn't think our kids would even come close to going near one. I mean horses are much bigger in person then the toys we have here at home.

I didn't want to go anywhere near these beast, but I really try not to project my fears and dislikes onto the children. So when they asked to ride we headed right over there! I seriously thought they would wait in line patiently, but when push came to shove they wouldn't get on. Boy was I WRONG!! Both Jaycob and Abygail hopped right on like they were old pros at it! This really surprised me, Daddy, and Aspen. They even wanted to do it again, but the line was just too long!

This was Maddy's 5th time around. She had rode 4 times around by the time we even got there. She LOVES the whole horse thing!

Thanks Aspen for these great pictures! My camera was being stupid!

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