Friday, June 27, 2008

PA Fish

This is at the fish hatchery in Pennsylvania. This is just like an observation tank where you can see what species are in the area... Jaycob really liked it once he figured out it was just like a large fish tank. (Abygail was at home with Grandma M. taking a nap during our outings today).

We also went fishing. Jaycob has been asking to fish for the longest time. I was disappointed in the fact that it didn't seem like he was going to get a chance to do it this trip. But we DID end up getting a chance to sneak out. He LOVED it. He'd throw it out there and reel it back in. Then we would cast it out further and he would wait and slowly reel. He did have a fish at one point but the water was really shallow and rocky toward shore and he ended up dragging the fish right off the hook as he reeled it in!! Even with that he was soooo excited!

Older Sister found her little fishing spot and was really the only one who ever landed a fish. She had so much fun, against all her expectations of fishing!

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