Monday, June 23, 2008

In the Fast Lane

Today we went bowling with the whole family! Jaycob at first was not thrilled with all the noise, but he soon got used to it. Abygail was really more interested in wandering around and watching everyone else, but we did eventually get her to push a ball or two down the lane. And in true toddler fashion as we were ready to go she was THEN ready to bowl!

Jaycob did insist on pushing his own ball which would barely make it down the lane. Where you see Abygail standing is as far as she would go. So Daddy would have to give it an extra little push to make sure her ball would make it down to the pins.

Older Sister insisted that she didn't want to bowl, because she couldn't. Little did she know that her Aunt M and I can't bowl either! It actually ended up that Older Sister beat Aunt M by 1 pin!

Here's the kids final score. Down the list Cousin L, Jaycob, Older Sister, and Abygail (who's game was mostly bowled by Older Sister!).

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