Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Best birthday hands down!!! My morning was kinda bum... I took the kids to the pool we had fun, though I didn't get any good pictures. Aspen and Maddy were supposed to come with, but something else came up that they had to attend to. So we were all kinda bummed about that.
But when we got home the house and yard were all decorated. There was a banner across the front windows along with writing. And there were balloons everywhere! It really brought a smile to my face, Aspen is a sneaky one!!

Then the afternoon kinda went off as nothing out of the ordinary, except we picked up our Wii. Dinner came around and Daddy had called Aspen and the girls over for dinner and cake without me knowing. I'm sitting here setting up the Wii when Aspen and the girls show up!! It was such a surprise! After dinner and everything Daddy surprised me again by bringing down a present! Yay!!! It was the camera I had been eyeing up lately. Didn't really need a new, I just wanted something more compact. He's the greatest!!!

Opening presents! The card is a 'holy cow'! Hahahahaha! Shut up, I thought it was funny!

Me taking a picture of daddy taking a picture of me!

Chocolate cake face! Maddy patiently waiting for cake!

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