Monday, August 04, 2008

Sick Kids

My poor kids are sick again. It started with sore throats, took them to urgent care, did strep test and they came back negative. They sent us home telling us we were crazy and there was nothing wrong with them, probably just a virus! The whole time the kids are crying about sore throats and both have high temps. Yeah its a virus all right... Uhhggg! The hand, foot, and mouth disease virus!!! I don't blame the urgent care staff for not diagnosing since all they had at the time were sore throats. But the big ol' blisters all throughout my kids mouths should have been a beginning clue. Like I said I know they can't do anything with just blisters, but... I guess I just felt like they didn't care much! At least we got free doses of Motrin for both the kids out of them!

Anyway... We came home from the urgent care, treated the sore throats and fevers, and sent them to bed! Next day while Daddy went to get Older Brother and Older Sister. Jaycob fell asleep here on the couch and as he was sleeping I looked down and noticed he had rashes all over his feet... No big deal, he does sometimes get random rashes when he has a high fever. Yeah, by the time he woke up when Daddy got home the rashes were all over his hands too... So between the rash on his hands and feet and the sores in his mouth... Self diagnosed hands, foot, and mouth disease! Looked on the internet, called a few people with experience just to confirm... So of course my next calls were to people we had exposed or may have exposed us! Those are always the fun calls to make!

Several days in and we're still treating throats and fevers. They seem to be feeling better! Yesterday I'm trying to get Abygail to eat something since we're on day 3 of NO eating from her. She's standing in the kitchen and she tells me she can't eat. I ask her why and she tells me this... "Can't eat. Throat hurts. Take throat out and put it down here." all the while motioning taking her throat out of her mouth and setting it on the floor!!! Awwwww.... Like I didn't feel bad enough as it is!

Anyway... Seems as of today that we're in the clear, no fevers. Abygail has slowly eaten since yesterday, though she still has minor complaints once and a while. And Jaycob only has a few spots left on his hands and feet! I can tell you they sure are fighting like normal!

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