Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cows at the Door??

Huh? Some of the things the kids have come up with lately are just nuts! Today I hear ding dong noises from Jaycob... Then some moooooo's. Huh? I turn around and see the table set with a full course meal, Abygail at the top of the steps, and Jaycbo at the bottom waiting to greet the cows to dinner. Abygail opens the 'door' and tells the cows, "Come eat, lots food" all while Jaycob is waving his arm welcoming them in.
Next thing I know Abygail is running crazy around the living room yelling, "Oh no! Get down! Come eat. Shoo shoo!" as she's corralling the 'cows' downstairs! Jaycob's screaming, "Come and get it! Come on cows, come eat!!"
Guess it was kinda a had to be here scene!

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