Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Story of a House (Almost done)

Well, Daddy went by the house today and said they had a cleaning crew in cleaning the house up. Friday we do a walk through to let them know what we think needs fixed before we move in. We have a small list already going, just minor stuff, nothing major! He did say that we don't have a fridge yet though. I'm thinking its on back order. I'm wondering if it will be in by the time we move in!!!

Sorry there's no pictures, there's really not anything to take pictures of any more except the fridge. That is until we start moving stuff in!!! I'm starting to get excited. Jaycob is super excited and keeps asking me when this or that will go over. Abygail hates visiting over there! LOL

Jaycob's bedding came in today and he loves! But now we can pick the paint for his room and double check Abygail's color that way we can start on that soon as we get keys!!

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