Thursday, March 26, 2009

Word of the Day

Word of the day is: Geico!! Yeah you read that right. Don't ask me. The kids are now at a point that if they even walk through the room and just hear a commercial they'll stop and ask questions about it or you'll hear parts of it repeated at random times during the day!!

They were just sitting here playing with cars and they started shouting Geico, Geico, Geico!! Crazy. The funny thing is the TV hasn't even been on this morning! It's crazy to think how big they're getting. I mean you know they had to have heard that recently... But when? And how long have they been saving it up?

Oh and while we're on the subject of a 3 and 4 year old's brain... What is with the booty fascination?? Jaycob picked it up at school, gets that its not right to talk about at school or on the bus, will gladly tell us such... But when I hear them playing alone everything is booty this and booty that.... Then you'll hear a big, "Booty! Ewwwwww!". (Thankfully it's not a fascination with the actual part right now, just the word!)

Just weird!

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  1. McKenzie see the $ w/the eyes and tells me thats the $ I can be saving w/Geico. I feel your pain.