Saturday, March 14, 2009

Story of a House! (Cabinets & Deck)

Our deck! No, there's no steps going down. It's just supposed to be like a grilling deck. They can't put steps down per code since the black rail you see on the left are the steps up from the basement. If they were to put steps down it would block the exit. Not the brightest plan if you ask me, but long as we have somewhere to grill! Jaycob has yet to see this part and he'll be thrilled. When we were looking at the models Daddy joked and said this would be Oreo's place. Since then Jaycob has kept asking when we'll get one on our house!

And here's some upper cabinets. And the basement cabinet and sink.

The kid's bathroom cabinet and the master's. Yipee, the double sinks will be a new one for us!

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