Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bed Time

Daddy just took Abygail up to bed and checked on Jaycob. Next thing I hear is "Mommy, come up here and you might want to grab your camera!". I get up there and this is what I see.

Just this afternoon I was trying to figure out what to do with the crib mattress. The only logical and open space was under his new bed. He didn't notice it at nap time, but obviously he noticed it tonight!

Daddy said when he first walked in and didn't see Jaycob in the bed he freaked. It took him a minute to hear the snoring coming out from underneath the bed!

We did move Jaycob back up into the bed and he never stopped snoring.


  1. That is too stinkin' cute LOVE it that you were able to get the picture...ha ha! He is gonna be so mad when about it when he is a teenager...definantly have to show the girlfriends that one....J/K!

  2. You think this is a good one to show the g/f's you should see the underwear post!

    Or the dressing in drag post!

  3. I love it - absolutely precious!!!