Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fowl Walk

This evening we headed out the door for our walk. The kids were in the wagon and ready to go. I decided not to take my camera this time considering it looked like our walk was going to be cut short due to a storm moving in. Usually I take it and don't end up with anything to take a picture of anyway!

Wouldn't you know tonight we get down to the water and sitting there on the little beach were two HUGE swans and a baby (who is as big as a mallard duck!).
We walk farther along and wish we would have had the camera for the zoom. The ospreys were off the nest and we thought we finally seen some little heads sticking up out of it! But no camera, no zoom, no seeing babies.
We walked further down, by the boat ramp, and seen 20 or so geese. Jaycob says "Eese! Eese!" grabbed his cheeks and said "Onk, Onk! Eese!". Don't ask me what was up with the grabbing of cheeks.

We did cut our walk short in fear of the rain. On our way back we seen a big tractor-trailer truck trying to back up, causing traffic problems which stopped a delivery (UPS) truck! Jaycob loved it all! Abygail seemed quite indifferent to the whole walk!

Wish I would have had the camera to catch all of the fun from beginning to end!

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