Thursday, June 21, 2007

And Then the Loudest (Train Day)

This train enthusiest near my grandparent has an old real caboose. The kids loved getting up in it and looking around. In t he first picture Jaycob is stooping down because he was actually afraid of the grated steps. The second picture, Jaycob and Abygail got yelled at shortly after. The items in the caboose are for looking only no touching!

Patiently waiting for Mr. Frosty to oil all of the wheels before he can take a ride! I was quite surprised that Jaycob didn't get afraid when the engine was started up. I guess because he already assumes that trains make a lot of noise?

The kids got to ride the train a few times around the track. Older Sister and even Jaycob was able to drive or help drive the train! A very exciting adventure it was. Jaycob talked about it for the rest of the day and was more then willing to tell anyone he seen about the choo-choo trip!

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