Saturday, June 02, 2007

Big Boy Bed

Well this weekend we decided that it was time to put Jaycob in a real big boy bed. We ended up getting bunk beds that both the boys can sleep in. I spent all afternoon on and off putting the things together and officially they're still not done! The top mattress boards still needs to be put up and the top rail. But we got them together enough for Jaycob to sleep on tonight.

Jaycob and Abygail loved playing on it a few minutes before we got ready for bed, but since he's been in bed one of us parents have been up there 4 times already. I think he just needs reassuring. He's never been able to fall out of a bed before and I think that scares him a little! Not to mention all the room he has to move around in probably a little over-whelming!

We'll see how it goes!! Hopefully he'll sleep at least most the night and not fall out at all!! Wish us luck!


  1. Will the backside rail on the top bunk work on the front side lower bunk? I'm quite sure older bro will not fall down between the wall and the bed.

  2. The sell bed rails at Toys "R" Us for like $15 - they're mesh and have pieces on the bottom that slide in between the mattress and the bed to secure it. Kelsey had one when she was first in a big girl bed, it was a great investment.